Baby’s First Haircut in Disney | A Memorable Disney Experience


Thanks to its vintage backdrop and Disney-themed souvenirs, Baby’s First Haircut in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is an experience you won’t soon forget!

Baby's First Haircut in Disney | A Memorable Disney Experience Becky Salgado

Harmony Barbershop is located in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Once you enter the park, head left. They are tucked away in a little corner in Main Street U.S.A. Town Square. As with everything in Disney, we recommend you make an appointment. Like the Dining Reservations, your Baby’s First Haircut in Disney can be scheduled up to 180 days in advance. However, they typically have a limited number of walk-in appointments available. To book in advance, you can check availability here.

Baby’s First Haircut Disney Experience

Check-in when you arrive and prepare for cuteness, and likely tears (baby’s and maybe yours too!), to ensue. The Cast Members are patient and great about entertaining kids with toys and Mickey Mouse stickers to make the process as painless and meltdown-free as possible. What really makes this experience special is the details. For $25 (which is not bad by Disney standards), they will cut your little one’s hair, and provide a keepsake lock of hair, an official milestone certificate and a commemorative Mickey Ears hat that reads “My First Haircut.

Pro Tip

When scheduling your baby’s first haircut at Disney’s Harmony Barbershop, be sure to check the parade schedule and avoid booking it during that time. The parades make Main Street incredibly crowded. Disney Cast Members block some areas, making it a nightmare to get back to the front of the park, where the Barbershop is located. 

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