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There’s something special about holiday travel, isn’t there? For so many of us, there’s the nostalgia, old and new family traditions, and that sense of adventure that makes any trip memorable and fun. But as we enjoy a much-needed break from the hustle of our everyday schedules, it does help to keep some of our daily routines in place.

Image: Two kids in their car seats ready for a family road trip (Holiday Travel: 3 Ways to Balance Structure & Spontaneity | Dr. Bob Lynda Lantz Editor Miami Mom Collective)
My kids were all smiles for our 1st family road trip

We embarked on our 1st family road trip this last summer–and it was a total WIN! So much so, that we are hoping to take the kids to see some snow sometime in the next few weeks. We learned a lot from our travel experience that really helped us all to enjoy ourselves–which for me boiled down to striking a balance between structure and spontaneity. This can be especially helpful when it comes to holiday travel.

Here are 3 helpful tips:

Plan some unplanned time.

Traveling and exploring new places should be fun! When we traveled, my husband and I enjoyed the freedom and spontaneity of not being on a schedule. This meant that–aside from a scheduled event in Montgomery, AL–our plans were incredibly flexible. This allowed us to make an unplanned stop at the Rosa Parks Museum, spend some time at Civil Rights Memorial Park in Selma, drive to New Orleans for coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde, and cross the Mississippi River. Leave some unscheduled time in your travel plans to experience something new together.

Image: Our family visiting Civil Rights Park (Holiday Travel: 3 Ways to Balance Structure & Spontaneity | Dr. Bob Lynda Lantz Editor Miami Mom Collective)
We enjoyed our spontaneous visit to Selma, AL

Make the ride fun!

Though I’m a big believer in letting kids be bored sometimes, keeping the kids occupied in the car or on the plane makes a big difference in everyone’s travel experience and sanity. Stocking up on some little surprises for the kids on travel days will give them something to look forward to when it’s time to buckle up. New coloring books, silly putty, road trip bingo cards, little figurines (all the things from that aisle at Dollar Tree!) are small, easy-to-pack ways to keep the kids occupied. If you have readers, a couple of new books are worth their weight in gold.

Image: My son reading a book to his sister (Holiday Travel: 3 Ways to Balance Structure & Spontaneity | Dr. Bob Lynda Lantz Editor Miami Mom Collective)
These Encyclopedia Brown books were a hit on our trip

Maintain parts of your daily routine.

All of that said, maintaining some daily routines and structure during holiday travel is also important. Especially if you have really little ones. This can be a challenge when you’re at someone else’s home and have to adapt to their schedule. But I’ve found that keeping as much of the morning and bedtime routines as possible really helps ground everyone a bit. After all, getting up and dressed, brushing and flossing, going to bed, etc. are all things we have to do anyway, right? 

Grab some new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss for your trip and pack them and your other toiletries where they’re easy to get to. That way, they can be the first things you unpack and the last things you pack back up. Maintaining those habits and routines together as a family gives everyone a sense of normalcy. And helps keep those cavities and toothaches away–especially while you’re enjoying those sweet holiday treats 😉

Happy Holidays From Dr. Bob

Holiday travel may still look a bit different this year. But regardless of how you celebrate, Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist hopes you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season!

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