Father’s Day is Coming! Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life


Is it just me or does shopping for Father’s Day seem like a challenge? What do men like? Year after year I get stumped on what to buy my men for Father’s Day… but not this year! This year I’m prepared. I took a survey and I’ve gathered a list full of Father’s Day gift ideas! I hope that this list is helpful to you as you prepare to celebrate the men in your life.

Father's Day is Coming! Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life Abby Ape Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash
  • Socks, ties, and underwear: Every man loves socks so update their basic garments.  You can even have a little fun and create custom garments!
  • A new wallet: any wallet will do but check out this wallet, it looks super cool and trendy.
  • Tech toys: an Apple watch, dash cam, temperature controlled mug, AirPods, HomePods, all things tech.
  • A new watch
  • New shoes
  • Good cologne
  • Tickets to a sporting event: Miami Heat, Marlins, Miami Open, etc…
  • A grill
  • Expensive meat to grill
  •  Tools: Check out this digital tape measure!!! WOWZER 
  • A gift card to outdoor stores such as Home Depot
  • Cuban cigars and a humidor (It’s Miami, y’all)
  • Pillows: is it just me or do husbands like to steal our pillows at night?  LOL 
  • Basket of goodies: drinks, snacks, nuts, beer/liquor… get creative here!
  •  An AncestryDNA kit
  • Love Coupon Book

Amazon also created their own list of gift ideas for Father’s Day!

In addition, be sure you write him a sweet letter and express your heartfelt love and appreciation for him on this special day and beyond. 

What do you usually gift on Fathers Day? Let me know in the comments section!