When Father’s Day is Daddy’s Birthday – Making Him Feel Extra Special


Hi Mommas!  It’s June.  The month of celebrating everything from candy to ugly dogs to bicycles!  In Miami, we are well aware that June 1 is the beginning of hurricane season, wedding season, anniversary season, and summer job season for our big kids. But in the middle of the month every year is Dad’s big day- Father’s Day. 

On this day, Dad is celebrated, treated, gifted, loved, and appreciated for all he does for his family. 

When Father's Day is Daddy's Birthday - Making Him feel Extra Special Keren Campbell Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Most dads have two days in a year, or more, to feel the love.  There’s Christmas and their birthday, then there’s Father’s Day.  But in my family, most years Father’s Day falls directly on, or the day before, my husband’s birthday.  I’m sure he’s not the only one.  Like the kids born around Christmas time, it’s not fair to cheat them out of a real birthday celebration.  It’s also great to let them do what they want to do, and feel good about being a dad.

When Father's Day is Daddy's Birthday - Making Him feel Extra Special Keren Campbell Contribtor Miami Moms Blog

Moms have tons of suggestions for our big day in May.  Maybe that’s because we’re more mysterious or maybe it’s because our main focus seems to be on children at the moment.  Men need help knowing what to get us.  We don’t really need a list for Father’s Day, because dads are pretty much open books.  If he’s a techie or a Trekkie, a sports enthusiast, a budding chef, a wine connoisseur, a reader, or a cigar smoker, we have him pegged because he’s probably very vocal about it. 

When Father's Day is Daddy's Birthday - Making Him feel Extra Special Keren Campbell Contribtor Miami Moms Blog

Shopping for Father’s Day/birthday gifts won’t be hard if you plan in advance. 

Since you know what he likes, do a little investigating to see what he might be lacking to provide maximum enjoyment of that pursuit.  But pick something that you can be successful at.  My husband loves movies, but his collection is so huge that I can never be sure that I will buy him something he loves that he doesn’t already own.   A good place for me to investigate would be around grilling.  I think it’s time for a new one!  Busy moms will probably use online shopping, which I find is a real convenience.  Double up on the cards- one for Birthday, one for Father’s Day- have the kids sign or squiggle or leave a fingerprint in both, and you’re almost ready for the big day!

Children Writing Keren Campbell Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Miami is a great place for any celebration. 

Father’s Day is no exception.  For the steak and potato dads, you can go to places like Shula’s Steak House, Graziano’s in the Gables, Texas de Brazil, and Joe’s Stone Crab, that are good for children.  For just good food, check out Root and Bone, The Local, or The BrickOpen Table is at your fingertips, Moms.  Almost every kind of food can be found in this international city.  Enjoy dessert at the restaurant or a favorite ice cream shop or bakery.  Take him somewhere he’ll enjoy every bite, and there will be no clean up for you.  Win-win!

A few chilled beverages at home, his favorite snacks at hand, and a comfortable chair to relax in while he digests and maybe takes a nap, may put him in the mood for a personal birthday/Father’s Day celebration with you later!  Wink-wink!