Happy Father’s Day: Never Forget How Amazing You Are!


Happy Father’s Day!!

Here’s to all the wonderful Dads out there.  Today, and every day, know how much we appreciate the fantastic job that you’re doing!! So often, we talk about how important mothers are when it comes to keeping the family together. And no offense, you are. But I know that the job that my husband puts into our family is priceless.

He’s my rock, my partner in crime, the one that can turn around any hopeless situation. When I am tired and overwhelmed, feeling like the worst mom ever, he always looks at me and tells me that I’m doing great. That our kids couldn’t have gotten a better mom. That they all love me.

He teaches our kids by example. Loves them unconditionally. He always finds time to play with them, and he makes sure that they know how much he loves them. By doing all this, he makes me a better mom. And for that, I am forever grateful! So Happy Father’s Day my Love!

Rachel's husband and daughter (Happy Father's Day: Never Forget How Amazing You Are! Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Rachel's husband and their children (Happy Father's Day: Never Forget How Amazing You Are! Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Mom Collective) Rachel's family (Happy Father's Day: Never Forget How Amazing You Are! Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

My dad is my superhero.

Growing up, I always had a close relationship with my dad. And I still do. My dad has always been there for me. No matter what, I can always count on him to show up and support me. Even now, as I’m all grown up. He is just one phone call away. Or at least he used to be, up until I moved here. Now he’s more like two flights and 17 hours out. 

Thinking back on my childhood, I feel blessed to have had the privilege of a loving, caring, and supporting dad. I know that’s not everyone’s experience. But I wish it was. My dad was the kind of dad that took me on a motorcycle ride. We went to soccer games, and he never once said no when I asked if he could drive me to my friends. He’s the one who taught me how to drive a car and a motorcycle. In the church, he was my Sunday school teacher, who taught me all about Jesus, and always led by example. Always believing in me, telling me that I could do it. Making me trust in myself, be fierce, and go out there and put my dreams into action. 

Nowadays, he finds joy and pride in his grandchildren. Five in total, and he is just as supportive and loving towards them as my siblings and me. He always comes to their soccer matches. If they need a ride, he’s there. Always interested in their daily life and cheering them on. They all love him so much.

Rachel's kids with their grandpa (Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Mom Collective) Rachel's dad with her daughter (Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Mom Collective) Rachell's son exploring the world with Grandpa (Rachel Hulsund Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Not just a dad, but a life coach.

I believe that the role a father plays in every child’s life is irreplaceable. The way they can teach you about life and how to navigate through it. Teaching you all kinds of tricks by letting you take part in whatever they’re doing. They aren’t always the best ones when it comes to remembering all-important deadlines. Or keeping track of when the next school project is due. Sometimes they can even forget that you actually need to have more than just a chocolate bar for lunch. But they teach you about all of life’s wonders, and they make you feel so special.

So here’s to all the dads out there. Whether you’re a biological dad, step-dad, part-time dad, or someone’s father figure. You are all amazing!! And the job that you do is invaluable. You color the world with bright colors, and you make it feel safe. So here’s to you. And remember that on the days when we complain about you forgetting something important, or you forget to buy milk and bread, we sometimes forget that too.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Blessings from my family to yours.


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