Letter From Santa: A Message for the Bigger Kids at Heart


Letter From Santa: A Message for the Bigger Kids at Heart Miami Moms Blog Contributor Adita Lang

The holidays bring with them so many traditions. For those who cherish Christmas, Santa and the elves come right along with it.  As our kids grow and the bigger ones ask questions, we adults have several options.  We want to be frank, but we also want to keep the spirit alive.

Christmas Elf Adita Lang Contributor Miami Moms Blog

The typical household has one or more naughty elves. Then that special day when Santa comes and the elves finally go home.  A lot transpires during the month of December, but as our children get older there are other responsibilities that come to light.

When I was a child I was bestowed an amazing letter from Santa around my 11th birthday.  He expressed that the magic of Christmas was meant to share love and kindness with all and that I was now at an age to become a helper of sorts.  I would no longer be receiving the huge array of toys and gifts from his sleigh.  I was to help others.  His words were magical and they were intended for my eyes only.

Here is part of what Santa had written to me:

“From this point on I need you to take care of the underprivileged and uplift those in need. This is a full-time endeavor and an honor only a few receive. When you were younger, gifts were fun, they were treasures. Now that you are older a gift becomes something different. It is about the good things you can bring into someone’s life, the things that you can do to make a positive difference to those around you. You have the power to influence someone to smile, to give a gift, to dry a tear, or to provide a hug in a time of need.”

Nice, Naughty List Adita Lang Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Last year, as my kids became of age they received a similar letter, dedicated to each of them.  Encouraging them to take on the same responsibilities as their mother did many moons ago.

Here is part of what Santa wrote to the children last year:

“Your job now comes from giving from the heart, the more positive change you can bring, the stronger and brighter your heart will shine. This is a job not given to many; your mom was but a few that received this many moons ago. It is your turn now, but please don’t share your new role with others; this is something between you and me so that the spirit of Christmas and Santa carries on through your good doings all year round. It is time for you to start taking care of others, this could be your family, friends, or even through a charitable organization. This year I gift you something deep in your soul, the gift to serve others and to make an impact on the world around you.”

Santa and Baby Adita Lang Contributor Miami Moms Blog

With this said the elves vowed to behave themselves and work harder to help us all with our job of spreading kindness to those around us and more.

Sending you much love and light this holiday season,

PS. Although I am not supposed to share these amazing letters, Santa did give me the OK to share them with my mom tribe for inspiration along the way. Love you all!

MOM… A letter from Santa
BROTHER… A letter from Santa
SISTER… A letter from Santa


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