Easter Basket Inspo: Quick and Easy Last-Minute Ideas


You’re in a time crunch and need to create some Easter baskets for family and friends. Nowadays we could all use some quick and easy Easter basket inspo. Whether it’s for Mom, teachers, or kids, Miami Mom Collective has you covered. If you’re also hosting, here is a  delicious brunch quiche recipe from one of our very own, Daniela Muir

Keep them inexpensive and fun, focus on their “favorite” things. Peeps, by the way, are not always at the top of everyone’s favorite things. While they are keeping in theme, I haven’t come across one person yet who actually likes them. (Can we do a poll on this, Miami moms?)

A pink plush Easter bunny toy
Courtesy Jasmine Star



Think about things she likes and probably deserves like a coffee break, a massage, or even a nice piece of chocolate. Take those things and include them in the basket. A Starbucks gift card, a coupon for a massage at home, and a chocolate bunny.

This might be a spoiler alert for my mom but we included some of the things I know she would love. I won’t give things away but you can go a long way with a visit to Target, Five Below, or TJ Maxx. 

A few things you could add: spa gloves and/or socks, a beauty mask, incense, chocolate (duh), her favorite moisturizer, or a simple gift card. 


You can really have some light-hearted fun when putting together Easter baskets for teachers or co-workers. Start with traditional chocolate bunnies and gold coins. I like to hide Hershey’s kisses in eggs, to keep within theme. 

For our beloved son’s 2 teachers we made double baskets with 2 of everything including relaxing incense, bunny ears they can wear to school, Starbucks coffee cards, chocolate, plant your own lavender pots, notepads and pens, facial scrubs and masks, to name a few.

You could add a box of Tylenol for teachers which always gets a laugh–we did for his first day of school. Adorn it with flowers or succulents are great (Ikea carries mini artificial ones), a pack of colorful pens, and Post-It notes.

Other things you can include: a blank journal (TJ Maxx carries great ones at $5 price point), an Amazon gift card, spring gardening gloves for the green thumbs (Target’s Dollar Spot has great sets all under $5). For your teachers, you can do a fun painted item by your kids. Target (again) carries ceramic initial jewelry dishes for under $3. I’m sure they’ll appreciate a hand-painted item by their student. 

Chocolate bunnies, spa scrubbers, bunny ears, and other Easter basket ideas for teachers or co-workers
Putting together some goodies


For the kids, obviously you want to go age-appropriate with Easter baskets. You also want to be economical and can hit the jackpot in the Target Dollar Spot and Five Below stores.

Here are a few things we included for our 3-year old:

Sticker book, mini plush bunny rabbit, Easter books, bunny ears, a learning toy, a pair of sunglasses ($1 in the dollar aisle at Target), his fave mini Muskateers which we hid inside eggs in his basket, toy cars and dinos, a new Mickey hat for Disney, Monster Trucks–which thanks to Miami Mom Collective–he totally loves now and some more goodies. 

Hot Wheels cars, a bunny plush, candy, Micky hat, and a learning toy from a toddler's Easter basket
Deconstructed Easter basket

Other kid-friendly Easter basket stuffers: chalk, books, sippy cups, puzzle or game. 

For the little wee-ones, go with a pacifier, teether, plush bunny toys, mirror (depending on age), simple light-up toys. Go with what works at their age, it’s always fun but Mom and Dad will probably enjoy it more. 


Don’t be afraid to go non-traditional. You don’t have to use an actual “Easter basket.” For the kids, something fun I’ve seen is a jumbo dump truck for toddlers. Fill the back with fun goodies and some bunny ears and voila – a creative Easter basket they can use as a toy. 

For family or friends, perhaps fill a traditional basket they can reuse at home as decor. You can also use a wine cooler bucket, and add a bottle of wine in there with some ribbon and chocolate. 

We can’t wait to see your Easter basket creations. Don’t forget to post and tag Miami Mom Collective so we can share some inspo. Happy Easter and remember, live simply. 

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