Home Design Trends: The Art of Living Well

A trendy bedroom design (Home Design Trends: The Art of Living Well Vanessa Santamaria Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze. Photo courtesy Sherwin Williams.

We’re well into spring, and it’s time to refresh your living space. And now that we’re all spending more time indoors, we have yet another reason to spruce up our homes.

Most importantly, your home should reflect your lifestyle, showcasing your family’s story. As interior designer and television personality Nate Berkus wrote in his book, Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live Into a Place You’ll Love: “Making your home your greatest pleasure is a luxury we all need to indulge… Even the smallest update or organization idea can result in R&R (renewal and rejuvenation)… The idea of living well has always been important to me. It’s the best investment you can make in your well-being.”

From an eye-catching entryway that warmly welcomes family and friends to stylish furnishings that invite guests to lounge in the lush, verdant outdoor space, your home should reflect the kind of seamless living experience that embodies your lifestyle.

I’ve been working with interior designers and lifestyle publications on home and design projects for several years, so I thought I’d share some of the home design trends that are hot right now.

A multifunctional outdoor living space (Home Design Trends: The Art of Living Well Vanessa Santamaria Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
An inviting multifunctional outdoor space.

Bringing the Outdoors In

We’re seeing less of a distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces, with homeowners wanting to seamlessly and harmoniously blend the two. This can be accomplished in many ways. For instance, the use of large bifold doors and glass instead of solid walls gives the impression that you’re one with nature. It also allows for more natural light to flow into the space.

Outdoor furniture has also gained popularity. Rather than just adding a table and chairs to the backyard, more effort has been given to creating an inviting space with thoughtful pieces for lounging, entertaining, and even working under the terrace. Creating outdoor areas that reflect the same quality as indoor spaces ensures an environment that’s serene, inspiring, and purposeful.

Nature-inspired furniture and rugs made of organic materials, such as rattan, jute, straw, wicker, and lighter natural wood tones are also trending.

Paint Colors Inspired by Nature

This year, there are many trends inspired by our stronger connection to the great outdoors. Behr’s 2021 Color of the Year is Canyon Dusk, and if you take a look at the company’s Color Trends Palette, you’ll notice a variety of warm, earthy, and comforting shades. Sherwin Williams selected Urbane Bronze, a rich, bold gray-brown color inspired by Earth’s stone, metal, and wood, while Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is Aegean Teal, a soothing color that evokes balance. No matter which color you choose, keep in mind that the paint colors you select for your home can influence your mood and living experience.

It’s also a good idea to research paint types, textures, and durability before making a purchase. Many brands promise high quality and efficacy, but did you know you should choose a mildew-resistant paint finish if you’re painting a bathroom? Glidden Premium interior paint is a top pick for high-moisture areas. There are also “one-coat guarantee” options to ensure the best coverage. Behr’s Marquee paint, for instance, is stain resistant and covers old paint really well, so you’ll use less paint in the process. If you’re looking to refresh a tired cabinet, consider Valspar Cabinet Enamel — an easy-to-clean latex paint made especially for cabinets.

Some natural wall hangings (Home Design Trends: The Art of Living Well Vanessa Santamaria Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
Natural wall hangings add visual interest to your space.

Wall Coverings to Reflect Your Personal Style

If you want to add a fresh touch to liven up a room, try opting for a unique wallpaper design (yes, wallpaper is totally trending now!). Wallpaper adds a graphic detail, a touch of color, or a customized look to your home décor. Think 3D wallpaper, wallpaper art murals, or natural, organic wall hangings.

Large wooden wall paneling and wall tiles are other options that can add an element of interest to a space and create a visual masterpiece.

Functionality is All the Rage

Our homes have become all the things to all the people. From a living area to a dining space, home office, gym, and sometimes even a classroom, one thing is for sure: Our home has evolved to serve multiple functions. For this reason, multifunctional furniture and rooms that can adapt to your ever-changing needs have become increasingly important when it comes to home design trends.

Perhaps, you have a guest room that has now become your home office or a dining room table that doubles as your child’s school desk. While functionality is key, it’s imperative that these rooms and furnishings are also comfortable and aesthetically pleasing so it enhances your home décor and makes it feel warm and cozy yet stylish. By adding creative storage options and using pieces that have personal meaning to you and your family, you’ll create a functional space that you truly love.

At the end of the day — whether you’re working from home or walking in after a long commute — the ultimate goal is to create a retreat where you can relax, unwind and feel refreshed.

Are you working on any home improvement projects? What’s are your favorite home design trends? I’d love to hear from you!