Losner Park in Homestead: Come and Visit!


Going to the park is one of my girls’ favorite things to do. So looking for new parks to discover and explore is always on my radar for them. As a matter of fact, that’s kind of how we discovered Losner Park here in Homestead. Whether you are local to Homestead or just visiting, this cute little park is a great one to visit.

Image: Climbing equipment for kids at Losner Park

Where is Losner Park located?

Losner Park is conveniently located in the middle of historic Downtown Homestead. It is right on Krome Avenue across the street from the Cybrarium, which is a huge plus. Visiting the park to waste aka run off some energy and then crossing the street to the Cybrarium to cool off is always a great time. 

Image: A little girl playing at Losner Park


At the park, there are swings and slides, which happen to be my daughters’ favorite playground attractions. They have two individual baby swings plus two big swings where the whole gang can join. For mommas of toddlers, there is a smaller area where your smaller one can safely play apart from the bigger kids.

Image: Toddler play area

The park offers tons of shade and benches, so us mommas can be comfortable while keeping an eye on our little ones. Another big plus is that since it is a new park, they made sure that it is ADA-accessible and even pet-friendly. There are also brand-new walking and jogging paths and clean restroom facilities close by. There is even a small stage located at the park where the City of Homestead has held local events.

Image: A little girl enjoys a saucer swing at a local park in Homestead

Next time you’re in the area, come visit Losner Park. Your little ones will thank you.

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