Changing Your Perspective During Challenging Times


Changing your Perspective During Challenging Times Adita Lang Contributor Miami Moms Blog

One of the biggest challenges I see as a mom is… exhaustion. Our perspective revolves around all of the things we have to do for all of the members of our family. Here’s the thing, no matter how you look at it, we always have a lot going on. Some of us work out of the house, and some of us work in the house, but as women, we tend to multitask at all given times. When challenging moments occur, we overlook our basic necessities to reset, revive, and rejuvenate. We simply stay running on the hamster wheel of life, while packing every challenge into our crazy day.

One day blends into the next, leaving us with a short fuse and drained, all because we haven’t been able to sit back and really assess what’s going on. Our perspective becomes skewed.

Our perspective is basically our point of view. It’s how we see the world, and how we define what is going on around us. At this point, most of us are staying at home, pretty snug and sound. We could all look at this as a huge inconvenience, but that would wreck our attitude and our day. Better yet, we can completely change our perspective and highlight the wonderful changes that are coming to the surface.

Here are my top five “perspective” changes during this crazy time in our history:

Learning how to work as a FAMILY! 

Honestly, I have been trying to work on this for a while but with so much going on around us, I have been doing it in little increments and making no headway. Now, we have nothing but time. My kids are taking turns doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning their respective rooms… I love it!

Everyone is fending for themselves, WOW.

Changing your Perspective During Challenging Times Adita Lang Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Yup with virtual schooling for them and virtual working for me there’s no time for this mama to make lunch, snacks, or even get a glass of water. We have been taking turns in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, and experimenting with flavors. Although the cleaning aspect is not perfected yet, just the fact that they now know they have to clean is a blessing in itself.

Following a schedule?

It’s amazing how the virtual school schedule is literally keeping them on track, responsible, and timely. No nagging from me, totally on their own. Now, the concept of writing out a schedule for non-school days is normal. Making a to-do list is OK and everyone agrees that it will keep us on track.

Family game night and family fun.

Changing your Perspective During Challenging Times Adita Lang Contributor Miami Moms Blog

It’s one thing to do this once or twice a month, but when it can fit in once or twice a week, the bonding is fantastic. More laughs, more giggles, and more conversations between us all.

“Creativity flourishes in boredom.”

With virtual school during the week, electronics are limited during the weekend. Too much screen time is taking its toll, but new and creative alternatives are coming to fruition. Taking the time to finish an art project is the new norm, searching for creative ways of using art supplies and more to enhance a room’s decor is becoming a fun pastime.

I grew up during a time when we had a handful of TV stations and that was our only electronic entertainment. When I was bored, I created, I built, and I made things to enjoy and use. My family and I spent time together exploring the world, the kitchen, and family history. It has been frustrating to see my children with no desire for any of that but amazingly enough, they are interested now.

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  1. Thank you for this Adita! Definitely great ideas to change our perspective and use this time to grow!

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