Labor & Delivery Nurse Dianna Hill: Moms On The Frontline


Our Moms On The Frontline Series is dedicated to honoring Moms who are serving on the frontline. We’ve all heard the saying, “Not all heroes wear capes…some wear scrubs!” We believe every Mom is a hero in some way. During this time we want to spotlight Moms who are also carrying a load outside their homes as frontline workers.

This week we are featuring Labor & Delivery Nurse from Baptist Health South Florida, Dianna Hill. While many elective surges had to cease during quarantine, babies continue to be born every day. We know that as Moms, many questions swirl through our minds about delivery on a regular day, but add in a global pandemic and the questions are sure to increase.

What is it like to deliver during a pandemic?

How is the hospital prepared during this time?

While my baby be affected by COVD19?

The questions can be endless and can easily invoke fear or anxiety. 

Delivering Moms need an extra dose of encouragement and assurance in this time. I was recently speaking with Dianna Hill and she said something that stuck with me. She mentioned how she continues to make the Labor & Delivery area of the hospital the happy place that it should be. Simple but profound. Regardless of what is going on in our world, the place where you deliver your baby should be a happy place. Delivering a baby is a joyous time.

So to those serving COVID19 patients on the frontline and to those creating safe and encouraging environments for patients with non-COVID19 conditions, we salute you! Thank you for making an impact!

Meet Dianna Hill, Labor & Delivery Nurse, Baptist Hospital

Labor & Delivery Nurse Dianna Hill: Moms On The Frontline

Dianna, tell us about your work as a Labor & Delivery Nurse. 

The areas of work we are responsible for include but are not limited to: Obstetrics emergency room, vaginal deliveries, C-sections, PACU and Antepartum. We are responsible for mom and baby during their time in the hospital with us. Providing comfort to first time moms and answering all their questions is important work we provide. We also become the cheerleader for the mom of three who is pushing like a champ, and cry with the mom when no heartbeat is heard. My job is a stressful but it is magical and so fulfilling.

How has being a Mom influenced your work? 

Now that I am a mom, I can help ease the minds of some of my patients with stories and experiences that are similar to theirs. I can relate more to the fears of all the moms that come through our unit.

How has COVID-19 affected your work?

I haven’t met a single mom that has come to the unit who is not nervous or fearful in one way or another. Now add a pandemic to the mix and it’s a recipe for fear. My job is always to keep mom and baby safe. With that being said, COVID has made coming to work each shift an adventure into the unknown.

Not knowing who is sick and who isn’t and not knowing if we will be bringing it home with us to our families has ignited fear that didn’t used to be there. I do my best to keep my patients as calm as possible but it definitely has become more difficult when I myself have my own fears to face. I believe that the proper equipment and good hand hygiene has kept us safe and it will continue to do so as we tread these uncertain waters.

How has the global pandemic affected your family or your life personally? 

Before COVID 19 I was always out and about with my kids. We had activities on our calendar every day of the week. My daughter played soccer, danced and did gymnastics all at the same time. It’s easy to say we were always on the go! The pandemic has obviously put a stop to all of these things and we have learned the value of staying home and just relaxing. My husband has also been affected because he is a small business owner who has been out of work for 5 weeks. Luckily he is also a member of the United States Army so he has been able to work some with his unit.

What is it like serving on the frontline?

Serving on the front lines makes me feel proud, full of purpose, but also scared and full of doubt sometimes. I have been surprised by how well the community has been following the stay at home orders and have seen first hand the effect that it has had on the numbers. It has been very encouraging seeing how our community has supported healthcare workers. All of the positive messages have really been such an encouragement in all of this.

What acts of kindness or encouragement have you seen during this time?

As soon as this pandemic started we began to receive food and discounts on food left and right! I don’t think people really understand how helpful this is. Especially to those of us working directly with positive patients and need to be separated from our families. Not having to worry about our own meals is a blessing. The signs and hearts for healthcare workers are so encouraging to see on our drive to work everyday.

What message or encouragement do you have for Miami Moms? 

Take it day by day. Enjoy the time with your families. Take the slow down as a blessing. We are all here for each other and we will get through this together!

To round out our time together, tell us 3 things that are your “simple joys!”

Sunshine, a good song, a warm chocolate cookie!

Dianna, thank you for you time and we hope your days are filled with your simple joys as you continue to serve others! Thank you for all you do!

Show your support for Moms serving on the frontline in the comments. 

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  1. Thank you Dianna for your work and dedication. I know I would feel at ease knowing someone as kind and welcoming as you was by my side. Keep staying safe and all the best to you and your family!!! ❤️

  2. Thanks Diana! You’re a blessing to so many! I know I loved (most) of my nurses when I gave birth to my boys. They’re special people!

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