Fall Crafts: 3 Easy Activities to Kick Off the Season With Your Little Ones


Fall is here! It’s finally time to trade in our flip-flops for fuzzy boots, “sweater weather,” and everything pumpkin-spiced, am I right? NOPE! For those of us in South Florida fall, just like winter, is nonexistent. That doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit of the season that gives us all the cozy feels. I mean, regardless of the 90-degree scorching heat you can still find a pumpkin patch and even a cornfield for the perfect family photo opp.

If you are anything like me and prefer to stay indoors, grab yourself a homemade pumpkin cold brew and let’s get to our crafting on! I’ve put together 3 SUPER EASY, at-home fall crafts your little ones will love.

Changing of the Leaves

What you’ll need:

  • Paint
  • Construction or copy paper
  • Empty toilet paper rolls, I used 2 and cut them in half

Optional: I used empty laundry detergent cups to pour the paint into for dipping


  1. Trace your little one’s hand/arm on the paper to make the tree branches and trunk
  2. Slightly fold toilet paper roll to make a leaf shape and dip into paint.
  3. Stamp onto paper, around your little one’s fingers.
  4. I colored in the tree branches and trunk, but your little ones can make it their own.

I was so surprised at how much fun my two-year-old had with this fall activity. It’s simple and easy enough to keep him entertained for enough time to enjoy my coffee.

An easy leaf craft for kids (Fall Crafts: 3 Easy Activities to Kick Off the Season With Your Little Ones Jessica Socarras Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Maize and Pumpkins

What you’ll need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Beads: we used yellow, light orange, and orange.


  1. Grab 3 pipe cleaners and twist one of them around the other two to make six even strips (see picture).
  2. Add about 12-18 beads to each strip depending on the length you are working with. You do not have to have a particular sequence or order to the beads.
  3. You want to leave about an inch of the strip open to be able to twist them all together when you are done.
  4. For the pumpkin, you need to bend the strips to create the shape before twisting the top together.

This activity is great for strengthening hand-eye coordination. My boys are a little too young for this one, but I will say Joseph (our 2-year-old) sat still long enough to bead one full strip. That’s a huge accomplishment for us.

I also love the idea of adding these fall crafts to your Thanksgiving place settings for your family to enjoy and have as a keepsake.

Supplies for the beaded pipe cleaner maize and pumpkin (Fall Crafts: 3 Easy Activities to Kick Off the Season With Your Little Ones Jessica Socarras Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Spooky Fun With Your Hands and Feet

What you’ll need:


Although we did 3 separate projects or paintings with this one, it’s all the same

  1. Choose the spooky character you would like to do and paint your little one’s hands accordingly.
  2. If you have chosen the “little monster” you will add the googly eye to each of the fingertips.
  3. Draw in the faces using a marker or sharpie
  4. Add your text.

First day of Fall Crafts Jessica Socarras 4

I am in no way a Pinterest mom! If I’ve learned anything over the last few years is that crafts can be messy and with little ones and there’s always a mess to pick up, but it’s about letting their creativity come to life and seeing their excitement when they have completed a project. I truly enjoyed doing these fall crafts with them.