Gratitude Alphabet: Expressing Thanksgiving From A to Z


We will be celebrating Thanksgiving in a few days. This time of the year, we give thanks for all our blessings. As a mom, when I do my list of gratitude, it seems like it never ends because there are countless things that I am grateful for. In this post are some ideas and activities to strengthen our heart muscles by sending gratitude everywhere.

Today, I think of all the marvelous gifts that I have freely received from God. The most valuable and beautiful things in life cannot be bought; yet we can see, smell, hear, and feel. I am talking about the colorful sunrises and sunsets, the fresh air, the clean water on the beach, the birds singing, the scent of the flowers–and of course, on top of everything, the Gift of LOVE.

Personally, I believe that every day is a Thanksgiving Day. Every day is special. We celebrate life, we enjoy our family and friends, and we experience all the wonders of Mother Earth. As role models, we can show our children how to strengthen the muscles of their heart by sending gratitude everywhere. Therefore, I suggest that we express gratitude daily and become a shining example for our children.

One project you can do at home with your children is create a gratitude board, a wall, or a tree that represents your thankfulness as a family.

The most important thing is to feel the gratitude from your heart.

As an alternative activity, you can create a gratitude alphabet. Go through the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z, and try to name different things that you are thankful for that start with each letter.

Sending Gratitude Everywhere Marielena Aguilar Gratitude Alphabet: Expressing Thanksgiving From A to Z Miami Moms Blog

Here are some examples:

I am naming just a few for the letters B, C, D, F, G, H; but you can continue your gratitude list throughout the entire year. I will be sharing more letter ideas on Instagram.

With this gratitude alphabet, you are also working on developing STEAM topics, language, literacy, and social-emotional skills.

– I am thankful for all the Blessings that I have received throughout my life.

– I am thankful for being Bilingual and for Balancing my life between two cultures.

– I am thankful for my Brain and for Being able to Breathe.

– I am thankful for my Community, a place where I can grow and be happy, and for the Miami Moms Blog, a Community of local moms empowering other moms.

– I am thankful for my Doctor that helps me to stay healthy.

– I am thankful for my Dog and all the good times that we share.

– I am thankful for all the Easter blessings that we receive every year.

– I am thankful for the Eagles that show us great courage and strength as they soar through the air.

– I am thankful for the Education that I received from my parents and teachers; they are hardworking heroes who shared their knowledge to shape children’s souls.

– I am thankful for my Father and my Family because they love me and protect me. Family is life’s greatest blessing. Families are Forever.

– I am thankful for the Food that is served at many tables, and for the Farmers; they work hard every day, so that people can eat.

– I am thankful for my Friends, and all the adventures that we experience together (you can encourage the children to share their friends’ names and why they consider their friend is special. You can also talk about your childhood friends). Friends are Angels on Earth.

– I am thankful for all the Gifts that God gives me every day and for the Good times that we have had this year.

– I am thankful for my Guardian Angels, and for the Guidance of my grandparents, teachers and parents.

– I am thankful for my Heart, Hands, and Head, and for having a Healthy Family.

– I am thankful for the Happiness that I feel at Home and for all of the Happy faces that I see daily at my school.

– I am thankful for the Harvest, a celebration of the food grown on the land, and for all the Holidays that we celebrate.

Additionally, acknowledge all the people that provide services for you and write gratitude notes valuing their work. For your loved ones, you can write gratitude letters, create an arts and crafts project, draw a picture or paint a painting, among other ideas.

You can also create a screen-free time so that you can talk, dance, play, hug, and create meaningful and memorable times together during Thanksgiving.

When we are grateful, even for people we do not personally know, like farmers, doctors, police officers… etc. we are attracting more things, circumstances, and people to be grateful for.

When you say, “Thank you very much for…,” you are printing your name on someone else’s heart. You are showing respect and values, expressing gratitude, and reflecting the kindness of your heart.

Remember, your legacy, values, traditions, and your faith, will be in the minds of your children as they grow.

Feel free to share your legacy of gratitude with other mommies! Please leave your comments below.

With Gratitude and Love,