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Whether I am trying to find the motivation to be productive, decide who I should start this week for my fantasy football league, whether I need to laugh, or cry, I have found a podcast for it. I listen to them as I drive to and from child drop-offs and pick-ups, while I wash my dishes (Alexa’s volume is better than the phone for this), and even sometimes when I shower. I love learning new things or getting so wrapped up in the developing story that I anxiously await the next episode’s release. Similar to my workouts, having these podcasts has helped me as a parent. They help me take a breather and enjoy something small for myself as the chaos that is motherhood happens around me. I compiled a list of my favorites for you below.

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My first podcast love was SerialI used to tease my husband about how he wanted to listen to “talk radio” on road trips. That was until we went on a road trip together to Miami, FL from Nashville, TN. He put on Serial and it wasn’t long before I was so wrapped up in trying to solve the mystery that I wanted to keep playing the next episode inside our hotel room that evening. There was even a documentary about this case because of it. It’s my first recommendation to anyone who wants to try something and is getting into true crime for the first time.

Up and Vanished

The host, Payne Lindsey, follows missing persons cases that have been cold like an expert investigator. In the first two seasons, his work led to some real conclusions and even some justice. Season 3 just began and it has a focus on a missing indigenous woman, highlighting a current event in the US where there is a rise in missing indigenous people cases that are not being investigated. 

To Live and Die in LA

I started following along with Season 2 and found myself playing each episode the morning it was posted so I could hear what would happen next. Another investigative podcast that looks into a missing person’s case in hopes of finding answers. Learn about her through the eyes of her closest family and friends as you try and connect the dots of what may have happened.


I found another addiction beyond true crime with podcasts. Learning something new, hearing from different perspectives, interesting facts from experts, are things that I began to love about the podcasts I listed below. 

The Experiment

Okay, The Experiment competes for first place in my heart for the podcast that I recommend the most. Our host grew up and graduated high school in Miami. She’s a black Cuban and has a gift for hosting and interviewing people from all walks of life and viewpoints with objectivity. She explores different topics where legalities get muddy and listeners follow along as she finds loopholes in our constitution and what happens there. The topics vary widely from episode to episode. I listened to just the trailer and knew I wanted more. 


I am not reinventing the wheel with this one, mamas. Radiolab is tried and true yet every time I listen, I am drawn in and always come out having learned something new.

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Advice, rankings, waiver wire pick-up discussion, and starts/sits of the week with a side of banter and fun humor. I am in. I’m competitive and really do enjoy playing fantasy football. So, I listen to the waiver pickup and start/sit shows every week! Please do not share with the other guys in my league.

Fantasy Football Podcast

The Fantasy Footballers


The Mindset Mentor

I went through a whole phase where I would listen to an episode daily. Many times it helped me come up with better systems to be productive. Or gave me the inspiration to work on the new project or take that next step that’s a little outside of my comfort zone. It really did have an impact and was the beginning of teaching me the ripple effect that my mindset has on my actions.

Toggle That Switch

Are you looking for a pep talk from a friend? Do you want that comfortable honesty with the relatable fun that makes you feel understood? Amanda’s your girl. Listen and get yourself pumped to get in that workout or reach your next goal.

Cinema Therapy

Sometimes what you really need is to rest and do something that makes your heart happy. Check out the podcast for people who know nothing about life but all about film and TV! Listen to co-hosts Nicole and Karen unpack the lessons learned from their favorite fictional characters. Wherever you are in life, Cinema Therapy is here to talk about the movies and TV that make you feel seen.


If you’re looking for podcasts made for moms, look no further than right here.

Happy listening, my friends!

Do you love podcasts? We want to hear about them! Share the fun and tell us what you’re listening to in the comments below.

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Alisa Britton was born in Minnesota but has lived in Miami since she was just two years old. She married her husband in 2012 and they welcomed two baby girls together in 2018 and 2020. With a degree in organizational psychology, Alisa worked in sales and management for 12 years before becoming a SAHM in February 2020. During her time as a SAHM, she has focused on her health and wellness and now coaches with Beachbody from home. She loves all things competitive so you can often find her cheering on her fantasy football team or playing Cuban dominos with family. She looks forward to being a part of the Miami Mom Collective community as they share life, love, and laughs together while navigating motherhood in the city. You can follow Alisa as she shares her family, her health and fitness journey, and Miami living on @mombodliving on Instagram.