Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Michele Huarte


Michele setting up a shot for a photograph

Hey, Miami Mama! My name is Michele Huarte but many know me as Coco. (My nickname originated from a bad middle school haircut that I later on branded as Coco Michele!) I’m a new/first-time mama, married to my best friend Amner for 4 years (but together for 9) now embarking on this parenthood journey together for the very first time. In our home, we love Jesus, good company, and adventure!

You can find me running around Miami, photographing families and small businesses.

Since grade school, photography has been my main craft. However, female entrepreneurship has also been a passion of mine since I was about 18 years old. My passion for helping small businesses, start-ups, and females in business started with GEMS (Girls Empowerment and Mentoring Services) at the Women’s park as a mentor—leading me to later open up my branding consulting business where I have helped female business owners of all types turn their comparison into confidence. Every business has a brand—a unique voice that deserves to be heard and experienced with intention. When it comes to binding both photography and consulting, I help femprenuers by curating personalized content for their websites and socials. 

My husband and I have documented our home renovation journey on Instagram since 2018 along with lifestyle tips on traveling, decor, and spiritual encouragement. On a more personal note, since moving into our first home together, Amner and I have made a conscious decision to make our environment a low-tox one. We started the endeavor of detoxifying our house and improving our wellness… taking charge and finding what really works, vs just masking symptoms that create more problems down the road. Nontoxic living became a part of our mission and now we help families do the same with our team and friends. A movement based on helping Miami local homes ditch and switch toxic everyday products for healthier alternatives.

Coco with her husband, Amner


As a born and raised Miami girl, I have always had a heart for my city. Give me all the cafecito, art & culture, please! I’m Cuban American and my mama is too! However, my pops immigrated from Cuba at 17 years old and built a life in Miami. So, of course, I’m very well versed in Spanglish.

This city has raised me in so many ways and I take it with me everywhere I go. When I travel, I make SURE people get a taste of Miami fun. This city has so much culture and if you embrace it, it’ll brighten your life on a daily basis. 

If you enjoy “Only in Dade” content, chances are you’ll have a field day with my reels–where I share comical and sometimes stereotypical realities of living in Miami as a Cuban American. I believe our beautiful and colorful city has so much to offer the world because we are a world of our own. That’s why when I saw the opportunity to connect with Miami Mom Collective, I just KNEW I had to join!

A newborn baby in a basket


Although I’ve only been a mother for about a month, I can already see the importance of community in this season of life. It’s crucial for mamas to support each other during these stages because encouragement and the right support can make the biggest difference in the next generation. 

For the last 7 months or so I’ve been documenting every inch of my journey with as much transparency as possible on social media. From my early stages of pregnancy till now, actually having my sweet girl, Aria, in my arms. Postpartum realness and all things motherhood unplugged. I’ve been seeing a need for transparency when it comes to being a new mama. That space on social media can often look so filtered and give new moms the wrong impression when stepping into this season… It can do a disservice—leaving new mamas feeling alone and confused. So if I can help be part of the change with MMC, why not!?

Coco sitting in a field, holding a camera


I see Miami Mom Collective as the perfect “safe space” for our local community to share the beauties and the realities of motherhood. The perfect balance of encouragement and ultimate support. I’m so excited to be a contributor to this blog and movement; linking arms with other mamas. Feeling surrounded/supported is all one needs to thrive in this fast-paced beautiful city. 

May our community and cafecito be strong so we can raise the next Miami generation to be legacy builders!


  1. Welcome, Coco!!!! Loved reading your story, so happy you are here! This is truly a great space for mothers to be vulnerable and real about their journeys through motherhood. Plus we love community and cafecitos here lol. Looking forward to reading your future posts, cheers!

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