Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Miriam Leon-Vazquez

Image: MMC Contributor and Events Team Member Miriam Leon-Vazquez
Miriam Leon-Vazquez

Hi Mommas! My name is Miriam. I’m so grateful and humbled for the opportunity to join Miami Mom Collective as a contributor and Events Team member. I love attending the Moms’ Night Out and the MOM STRONG events. I always come out of them inspired. The MMC events add to my already authentic energy to empower more women and mommas. This is why I didn’t think twice about applying to join MMC. 


I was born and raised in Hialeah but my stomping grounds were Miami and Miami Lakes. I was raised by only my mom who had 3 jobs to give me and my brother some sort of a normal life. Growing up I don’t recall there being resources available for moms like Miami Mom Collective. However, I’m sure she would have benefited from it a whole lot. 

Miami is a culture with other cultures in itself. There’s an array of different types of cuisines and let’s not forget that Miami is the staple for the best croquetas. We really do live where others vacation. You can find a different farmer’s market to visit almost every weekend or maybe a festival. There’s no city out there that has a mix of beautiful beaches, continued success in the restaurant industry, a diverse art community, and a melting pot of cultures. 


We are a family of 5 and growing–my husband Freddy of 17 years, my two stepdaughters (they’re my daughters), Taylor (26) and Andrea (23), and my son Liam (15). Combined we are a family full of personality, lovers of good food, travel, sneakerheads, football, basketball, and music to name some. And like every Hispanic family out there, we love Noche Buena.

Image: Miriam with her husband and son
Miriam (center) with her son, Liam (left), and husband (right)
Image: Miriam's stepdaughters and son
From left: Andrea, Taylor, and Liam

Motherhood has shown me and continues to show me love. When I first met my stepdaughters. I knew that I had to be the best of me for them. They taught me so much and I want to say they have a lot to do with the mother that I am to my son. 

Motherhood does not come with a playbook but it sure is rewarding despite the challenges. Some of the challenges that we face as mothers are the different stages in our kids’ lives that we are not prepared for. We don’t have all the answers and as mothers, we depend a lot on our instincts and our support system. This is why I’m committed to sharing resources with you and invite you to do this together.   


When I’m not mothering or attending to my family, consulting, or creating workspaces for women-owned small businesses, you can find me attending MMC events. My vibe has always led me to empower women and MMC gives me all the inspiration to continue in doing so. Let’s do this together!

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Miriam Leon-Vazquez
Meet Miriam, born and raised in Hialeah, FL. A lover of dancing, working out, music, football, Sunday family nights, coffee dates, beach days, traveling during the Fall and Winter, and trying new restaurants. She’s a mom of three: 2 step-daughters and a son (Taylor, Andrea, and Liam). Miriam is an active sports momma. Aside from working full time at a law firm and when she’s not on the football field cheering her son on, or multitasking in the chaos at home, she’s consulting women-owned small businesses and creating workspaces. Fun fact: Miriam and her husband (married for 16 years) had a business building and refurbishing furniture. You would be able to find them as a pop-up shop at different markets. She’s an advocate for self-care and self-love, passionate about empowering women, and believes in supporting and learning from each other as women and as mothers. Miriam has a Mass Communications/Journalism degree and a paralegal degree as well as a certificate in Interior Decorating. She finds growth and inspiration when attending women’s networking events, workshops, and meet ups with women in business. She’s grateful to join Miami Mom Collective and is excited about sharing resources with other moms within the football community. Connect with her and say hi on IG @iam_miriamleonvaz



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