Reading Can Be Summertime Fun Time!


Nothing is better than a good book and your favorite place to read it. I love the summer when you can take your beach chair, umbrella and a good book and sit and read at the beach. I love the sound of the waves rolling back in forth in the background, the sun shining down, and a warm summer breeze blowing as I enjoy some me time. Summer is also a time that I might catch a flight or hit the road and need a good book for the trip. Reading can be summertime fun time!

Image: A woman reading a book at the beach
Summertime with a good book by the ocean! Photo courtesy of Pexels.

Here are 4 book recommendations for Summer 2023:

Habits of the Household by Justin Whitmel Earley 

I always like to add a parenting book to my list. This book my daughter-in-law highly recommends. She said this book is helping her with parenting. This book includes simple habits that help set up household schedules and practices. It enables you to understand there is more to the chaos and that the little things bring meaning to the family life you are trying to create.

Spare by Prince Harry

I love reading autobiographies. I try to find a new one each year to add to my favorites list. This year I chose to read about Prince Harry. We are all interested in the royal family, and I have always admired his mom and her authenticity in her journey. He chronicles his journey from his mom’s death to finding his wife with raw honesty. A lot of life came in between as he navigated through the pain with all eyes on him. I gathered that he cares about how his children are raised and decided to make some tough decisions.

The Chosen Devotional (Books 1,2 or 3 & For Kids) by Amanda & Dallas Jenkins & Kristen Hendricks 

The creator and director of The Chosen wrote these three devotional books. It is a fantastic depiction of the life of Jesus. These are awesome if you are looking for a simple 40-day devotional to read each morning as you seek to know more about God and grow in your faith. Each book has a short read with a prayer focus and a moving forward section with questions to help you apply the read. 

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy

I LOVE this book. I found this author during the pandemic; his words and artwork were encouraging and hope-filled. The author turned the book into an animated film. It won an Academy Award for Best Short Animated Film. You can watch the movie on Apple TV. This book can be read to your children and introduce them to the characters of the boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse. These characters appeal to both adults and children. They teach us that we are enough just as we are!

Image: Two children reading books together
Children gain a love for reading by watching their parents read! Photo courtesy of Pexels.

Reading can be summertime fun time. You may choose one of these or have your favorite reads. In either case, putting away the phone or computer and escaping into a book this summer is essential. As a mom, you may feel that is the last thing you have time to do. Give it a try; start with a short read. It will enrich your soul, and your children are watching… they may find a book to crawl up with in a comfy spot and gain a love for reading!

Do you enjoy reading? What are some of the titles on your summer reading list?

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