The Big Game 2024: Gear Up for Football, Snacks, and Fun!


Image: A picture of the Vince Lombardi Trophy

If you’re anything like me it’s hard to find other mommas who have the same love for sports as you do. If you aren’t the biggest sports fan and don’t have a clue about “The Big Game” I’m referring to, don’t worry! This post will have snack options, info on the halftime show, and also some quick background knowledge so you won’t be completely lost at the party!

Let’s talk football!

The Big Game will be played on Sunday, February 11th, 2024 at 6:30 pm Eastern Time. It’s a battle between Kansas City and San Francisco. Will it be a defensive battle or an offensive party? I’m not sure, but there will definitely be a quarterback duel. The two teams made it to The Big Game by winning out their divisions (17 games) and facing off in the playoffs (13 games total) with the toughest teams in the NFL. Still with me? If so, I think you’re ready for The Big Game! 

Image: A football on the field

Snacks and more snacks! 

Let’s talk food! What’s a “Big Game” party without some good snacks? The good news is that gameday snacks are loved by people of all ages. What’s your favorite dip? Make or buy that and add some chips. Snack number one done! Yup, it’s that easy! My all-time favorite is Buffalo chicken dip. I cannot have gameday without it! 

The kid’s favorite is always the pigs in a blanket or baby hotdogs as they call them. Whether you make them yourselves or buy the frozen kind, these are always a party favorite. Last but not least, pizza and wings. Don’t forget the celery, carrots, and ranch dressing! Quick tip if you are ordering pizza for The Big Game, make sure to do it with plenty of time as it is a very popular food choice for that day.  

Image: A couple of pizzas
Pizza is always a winner!

Halftime Show

So let’s be honest, most of you reading this post are not here for football. But I’m not mad at ya! 2022’s halftime show lineup was one for the books, coming straight from my millennial CD book collection–the stunning Mary J Blige, the iconic Snoop Dogg, the mastermind himself Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar (doesn’t quite fit with this group), and my favorite Eminem! You don’t have to love rap and hip-hop to know what these musicians have done to the industry and its fans. This year’s Halftime Show will feature Usher. Who’s excited?!

Image: A cassette tape

It’s a Party! 

I will be honest, I don’t really care who wins this year. None of my favorites made it to The Big Game. The real winners in my opinion are the halftime performers and my party guests who will get to enjoy all the yummy snacks. Also, if football is your jam and you love it as much as I do, let’s connect! Drop a comment below and maybe next year we can plan our Big Game party together!! 

Still curious about American football? Check out this guide to football to learn more about this traditional American sport, and then get your party planning juices flowing with this post featuring a few quick recipes and tips.

Updated February 2024


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