Bathtime: 10 Ways to Make It Fun for Kids


One night I was scrolling on TikTok and saw a video of a mom setting up a super cool bath for her kid. I immediately opened up Amazon and started adding to my cart! I discover some of my best/most useful items when people share their own random buys. 

A sudsy rubber duck, the most popular bathtime toy

Here’s the list of things I bought to make bathtime 10x cooler!

I personally have all of these items and my kids (7 mos, 5yrs, and 8yrs) love them. Some nights we plug the Alexa in the bathroom and the kids really have a bathtime party!

In My Amazon Cart 

Here are some more bath toys I have in my Amazon cart that I think they will enjoy. 

Remember baths can happen at any time of day. It is my secret weapon to help change their mood. Give them popsicles in the bath when you need a mom win to get through the day. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do. Let us know if you buy any of these bath toys!