Dr. Bob Unflavored Toothpaste: Sustainable, Fluoridated Cavity Prevention

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There are a lot of things that are really important when it comes to parenting our kids. We feed them, clothe them, teach them right from wrong, and the importance of being kind. We’re also tasked with teaching and modeling lifestyle choices and habits that they’ll carry with them into adulthood. Including healthy oral care and hygiene habits. And the good news is that it’s never too late to start!

A little girl brushing her teeth (Dr. Bob Unflavored Toothpaste: Sustainable, Fluoridated Cavity Prevention Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Mom Collective)

Fluoride & Cavity Prevention

Did you know that fluoride is the #1 thing that reduces dental caries (cavities) in children? It’s true! Fluoride–a naturally occurring element–has been proven to prevent tooth decay by as much as 50-70%. But too much or too little of it can pose other problems. Too much fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis. And too little fluoride leaves teeth weak and susceptible to cavity-causing bacteria and plaque.

As soon as that first tooth erupts, you want to begin using fluoridated toothpaste. Use a grain of rice-sized amount of toothpaste until age 3, and then a pea-sized amount. In fact, using age-appropriate amounts of fluoridated toothpaste is recommended by both the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD).

Dr. Bob Unflavored Toothpaste

In his expert panel during our recent Bloom event, Dr. Bob told us that one of the hardest things to get around when it comes to getting a child to use toothpaste is the flavor. This is why he and his wife–who is also a pediatric dentist–have created the first and only US-based unflavored fluoridated toothpaste on the market! 

Dr. Bob Unflavored Toothpaste from Dr. Bob Oral Care (Dr. Bob Unflavored Toothpaste: Sustainable, Fluoridated Cavity Prevention Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
Courtesy of Dr. Bob Oral Care

Dr. Bob Unflavored Toothpaste is made from plants and vegetables and naturally sweetened with xylitol to reduce acid and help stop cavity-causing bacteria. This enamel repair toothpaste is gluten-free, dye-free, titanium dioxide-free, and is also free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) with no artificial colors or flavors. It’s formulated to please the pickiest palates and also meet the demands of flavor connoisseurs without triggering those with taste aversions or sensitivities. And it’s great for all ages–from babies 0-2 years of age, toddlers, kids, and adults too!

On top of all that, Dr. Bob’s flavorless toothpaste is sustainably packaged in recyclable plant-based tubes for less environmental impact. Just another simple, easy way to go green while reducing plaque and bacteria naturally. Dr. Bob Unflavored Toothpaste is available at the Dr. Bob Oral Care website and on Amazon

Experience the Dr. Bob Difference

I will say it again because it’s true: Dr. Bob is the dentist your kids will beg to seeDr. Bob Pediatric Dentist is a small boutique practice located in the heart of South Miami. Their commitment to providing the exceptional care your child deserves means that Dr. Bob and his team are able to customize the care they provide to each of their patients.

Don’t put off your child’s routine dental exam any longer. Dr. Bob is accepting new patients and his practice accepts all major PPO plans. The office is open Monday through Friday, and Dr. Bob’s team is always happy to discuss your specific coverage or help you schedule an appointment. You can contact the office via the website or by phone at 305-397-8214. You can also follow Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist on Instagram and Facebook.


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