Future For Football: A Conversation Between a Mother & Son

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Last Wednesday evening, Miami Mom Collective Contributor Illiett Ojeda and her son, Kash, hosted a FB Live to talk about how football has had a positive impact on their relationship and what football means to their family.

MMC Contributor Illiet Ojeda and her son, Kash after a football game

During their candid conversation, Illiett and Kash talked about a variety of topics–including starting with flag v. tackle, girls playing football, and the tight-knit community of local football families. While I’d heard that girls could play flag football competitively, I had no idea that there are now scholarships for women to play flag football at the collegiate level! As a football mom, with a daughter in a flag football league, Illiett shared some insightful perspectives on inclusion and how empowering it is for females to have opportunities to engage in high-level competition.

A football player runs with the ball during a play


In addition to sharing their thoughts, Illiett and Kash also invited viewers to submit questions for an informal Q+A segment. Some of the questions they answered from the audience were:

How early can kids start playing football?
What makes being a football-playing family special compared to other sports?
Kash, how do you encourage your sister?
Are the teams co-ed?
Kash, how would you try to inspire an almost 5-year-old to play football?

…and quite a few more! Grab your kids and check out the recorded FB Live below.


Are you a football family? At what age did our kid(s) start playing? How has football positively impacted your family and/or relationship with your kids? Share your personal experience with us in the comments!

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