Beauty: The 5-Minute “Dash Out the Door Look” ✨


We as moms are so busy and sometimes do not have time to get ourselves together.

However, it is so important to spend some time on you to enhance your natural beauty. When I have 5 minutes to get ready I do a quick little regimen called the “Dash out the door look.”

Beauty: The 5-Minute "Dash Out the Door Look" Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Moms Blog

What do you do?

Moisturizer– Put it on and let it sink into your skin and then go get dressed. If you put your foundation on right away it will come right off your face. Try to get a moisturizer with SPF.
Foundation primer with SPF– This closes the pores, evens the skin, and allows the foundation to last all day.
CC cream– Apply a cc cream that conceals, corrects, and evens your skin tone. It should also have spf. This will protect your skin from the environment, make your skin look more even, and make you feel more put together.
Under-eye corrector or concealer– Put on in an upside-down triangle under your eyes and on any areas or imperfections. Dampen a beauty blender and get rid of the excess water. Stipple and blend out the concealer.
Translucent powder– This looks good on any skin tone and locks in the color. Apply with a mineral powder brush.
Bronzer- Apply on the areas where the sun would hit… like a “3” shape motion on your face on each side. By the forehead, under the cheekbone, and by the jawline.
Cream eye-shadow– Find a color a tad darker than your skin tone and blend with your ring finger or an eyeshadow brush all over the eye-lid.
Mascara– Apply at the base of the lashes and wiggle up. You want to get a new mascara every 3 months. I apply like 3 coats.
Eyebrows–  Apply an eyebrow pencil or shadow that is similar to your hair color; this frames the face. Brush your brows and then do small brush strokes starting from the inside of the brow and work outward.
Lip gloss– Find a nourishing lip gloss and apply on lips. 

Now you are done with your quick mommy 5-minute look. You feel good and put together… ready to face your day.

Beauty: The 5-Minute "Dash Out the Door Look" Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Moms Blog
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Enjoy & get your glow on,


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