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I’ve always looked forward to summer. More than the new year, summer is usually a reset for me. Our schedule is a bit more relaxed, we’re able to enjoy more time together as a family, and I also feel like I have some time to catch up on life. 

I didn’t expect this summer to be that times a thousand.

Despite the challenges this summer brings, I have found that we’re still able to experience many of our usual summer activities. With modifications and planning, there’s a lot we can still do to make this unique season feel more normal. Here are four things we’re doing to make this summer memorable and productive while we adjust to our new reality.

Summer Reading

Having Summer Fun While Embracing Our New Normal | Ask Dr. Bob Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
He’s always excited to read the next book!

When schools closed back in March, my dad reached out to us about ordering some new books for the kids. With the help of our son’s amazing teacher, we curated a special list of books for what we are calling #GrandpasBookClub. Every week the kids receive a book from Grandpa to read and enjoy together, and it’s been a hit! We’ve fallen in love with some new books, discovered some brilliant children’s authors, and enjoyed some lovely adventures together. You can create more summer fun with each new book while you make lifelong family memories. Here are some of our family favorites, along with some recommendations that fit our current social climate.

Virtual Vacations

One thing that has been great has been the ability to travel the world virtually! It doesn’t beat the real thing, but it does remind us of the world that exists beyond our doorstep. We’ve been learning about the UK this week and look forward to delving deeper into learning about other countries and cultures this summer. Here are a few virtual tours to stimulate the kids’ curiosity and sense of adventure. 

Having Summer Fun While Embracing Our New Normal | Ask Dr. Bob Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok

Storm Tracking 

Something we’d always talked about doing was teaching the kids about storm tracking. A couple of weeks ago I printed and laminated a tracking chart to track storms as a family. This is a great way to learn about meteorology, science, and technology and it’s helped us all to better plan for hurricane season

Visiting the Dentist

Yes, you heard me right! Scheduling those routine dentist appointments this summer (before school starts!) is both practical and important for many reasons:

  • It’s normal
  • It gives us an opportunity to learn and teach our kids about appropriate safety measures and protocols
  • It reinforces the importance of maintaining healthy oral habits
  • It’s a meaningful way to support your local dental practice–they’re a small business too!

Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist reopened a little over a month ago with additional safety measures in place. Though maintaining a safe and sanitary environment is nothing new for them, Dr. Bob and his team have implemented protocols above and beyond what’s been outlined by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Great care and planning have gone into several changes including:

  • The installation of HEPA air purifiers and germicidal UV lights
  • Daily fogging with an EPA approved sterilizing agent
  • Temperature checks for Dr. Bob and his team

As a parent, this gives me great peace of mind about the safety of their office environment. You can read more about what to expect and how to prepare for your appointment at Dr. Bob’s here

New Patients are Welcome

Having Summer Fun While Embracing Our New Normal | Ask Dr. Bob Lynda Lantz Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Courtesy of Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Bob Pediatric Dentist is committed to providing the exceptional care your child deserves. He and his team are able to customize the care they provide to each of their patients in an environment that feels like home. And they make going to the dentist fun! Give them a call today and find out for yourself what makes Dr. Bob the dentist your kids will beg to see.

Doing normal things with our kids–like going to the dentist–goes a long way in helping our kids gain the life skills they need reengage safely. Let’s enjoy some summer fun with our kids while we equip them for life in this new normal


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Lynda Lantz is originally from Côte d'Ivoire, where she lived until the age of 7 when her family moved to Northern VA. She graduated with a degree in music from George Mason University and went on to work with Cru at four universities in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida. She was living in PA when she met her husband, Steve, on eHarmony and moved to Miami in 2011 just a few days after their wedding. Shortly before becoming SAHM, she was employed as an adoption caseworker and worked part-time with Cru at UM, and later Johnson & Wales University. Since then, she's been heavily involved in BSF which allows her to build relationships, pursue personal growth and develop leadership skills. She loves working with Miami Mom Collective and introducing people to this city she's come to call home, where she lives with her husband and two children. Connect with Lynda @mybalantzedlife on Instagram.


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