Mango Season: Fun and Delicious Recipes to Make With Mangos


It’s mango season in South Florida, Mommas! And you know what that means? A ton of yummy recipes for you and your kiddos.

As a wise friend once told me, if you have to buy a mangos in Miami, do you even have real friends? LOL We all know a family member, friend or neighbor with a mango tree that explodes with mangos every other year. Perhaps you’re the one with a mango tree. The big questions is, what do we do with all these mangos?

Below are some yummy and simple recipes:

Image: A sliced mango on a wooden cutting board

Just Peel and Eat

Let’s take it back to basics. We can always just cut the mango and enjoy. I found some easy steps on how to cut and peel a mango:

  1. Cut to the right of the center line and make the second cut to the left of the center line
  2. Cut each mango half into thirds
  3. Fillet the mango from the skin
  4. Lastly, cut the remaining mango from the pit

You can cube it or cut it to your liking. Enjoy alone or with some salt. Maybe even add some tajin!

Image: A bowl of homemade mango salsa

Mango Salsa

I love a great salsa. Not only does it go with chips but you can use it as a topping for any meat or fish as well. Adding mango to your salsa is a great way to change things up a little bit. Whether you’re entertaining or just having it as a snack, this simple recipe is perfect for you.

You will need 2 large diced mangos, 2 minced jalapeno peppers, 1 small diced red onion, 3 tbsp fresh minced cilantro, 2 limes (juice only), 1 tbsp honey, and cayenne pepper to taste.

Combine all these ingredients gently in a mixing bowl. Be careful not to mash the mangos while mixing.

Once all the ingredients are mixed, just serve and enjoy!

If you like your salsas on the spicier side, you can always add more jalapenos and cayenne pepper.


Finally, with this Florida heat who doesn’t love a good margarita?

Here’s a simple frozen mango margarita recipe.

All you will need is 1.5 oz of tequila, 1 tbsp of fresh lime juice, 2 cups of diced mangos, 2 tsp of honey, a handful of ice, and ¾ cup of water. Only add the ice and water if the mango is fresh. You can always use frozen mangos and avoid watering it down with extra ice.

Add your ingredients to a blender and blend on high until fully combined and smooth.

Taste and add additional lime, honey, or tequila as desired.

Salt the rim of your glass and pour.

You can also enjoy without tequila for a refreshing summer treat for yourself and your little ones. If you do, make sure to use sugar for the rim instead of salt.

I hope you enjoy these simple recipes. If you try any of them, don’t forget to comment below and tag @miamimomcollective to share your creations! Happy Mango Season!

What is your favorite way to enjoy fresh mangoes?

Updated July 2023