Christmas Early in the 305


Well now that October and Halloween are over… It’s time to decorate for Christmas! From being in a pandemic for almost nine months we are all looking forward to is Christmas. Now that we got Halloween over with I brought all my Christmas decor boxes out and started decorating my house. You may say “Dacia, isn’t too early to start decorating for Christmas?”

But hear me out.

  • This year has been a year that none of us expected to be wearing masks and many stores closed for almost four months. Early Christmas, early joy!
  • We put in so much effort in decorating our house for Christmas that if we don’t decorate early, we barely enjoy our decorations. Early Christmas, you actually enjoy what you put so much time into.

One of the biggest things to keep in mind while decorating for Christmas is to not stress out. You are decorating for the most joyful time of the year there is no need to stress. I will be giving you my tips and ideas of places where you can find good and budget-friendly decorations for Christmas.

I do a total of six Christmas trees in my house! One in our living room, one in our family room, one in each kid’s bedroom, and one in my bedroom. This year we decided to switch up decor style for our living room and family room trees. For the living room tree, we decided to go with a sapphire blue. It goes so well with our velvet sapphire couch.  

Christmas Early in the 305 Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Mom Collective

For the family room tree, we went with a plaid style, more of a farm-style tree. It is perfect for our family room. I incorporated mini photo frames that have pictures of our kids when they were little and some family memories. 

Christmas Early in the 305 Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Mom Collective

When decorating for Christmas there are so many ways to go about it:

1. Seeing what you want to use from last year’s decorations.

You can donate or get rid of what you don’t want to use and go get yourself some new goodies. 

2. If you are using decorations from last year you can always make them look new by giving them a new place to put them.

For example: If you have some decoration pillows you used last year and they are in good condition use them for your outside patio decoration.

3. If it’s not in the budget to change your entire Christmas decor, you can purchase a few items that will change your look but still keep your same decorations.

For example: If your decorations are gold and red… remove all red decorations but keep the golds and add a new color. 

Needless to say, Christmas decorations can get pretty expensive. Which is why buying them in advance or the year before is the key. But don’t worry… if you did not buy them the year before or want to buy a few items and not go over budget here is where you can get cute and affordable decorations.

  1. Tj Maxx/Homegoods 
  2. Hobby Lobby
  3. Michaels 
  4. Target

I hope you can also get into the holiday spirit soon and really enjoy this Christmastime with your loved ones! 


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