Cinco de Mayo: Fun Activities for Kids!


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo before and after motherhood can look quite different. While the days of parties and margaritas may be behind you, the fun doesn’t have to be. For the moms that can get a sitter and have a night on the town, I will live vicariously through your Instagram posts and dancing mariachi videos. For the moms that are on full mommy-mode, here are some fun activities.

Katrina, wearing a festive sombrero to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Try a New Recipe

Cinco de Mayo is the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla and is celebrated in many parts of Mexico and the United States, which is why it is the perfect time to introduce your little one to yummy Mexican dishes. You can’t go wrong with tacos! Tacos are fun to make as a family and are easily whipped up. First, grab a flour tortilla and fill it with your child’s favorite protein (meat, chicken, pork, and even fish!). Then, add all the toppings including cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes. By setting up a taco bar, you can have a fun interactive meal as a family. Want to spice it up? Add some hot sauce or spices to the adults’ tacos.

What’s dinner without dessert? The whole family can enjoy some churros. Churros are fried dough that are covered in cinnamon sugar then topped with chocolate or dulce de leche. You can make them from scratch, find them frozen at your local grocery store, or head to your favorite Mexican restaurant. Whether you decide to make them or order out, they are sure to be a tasty after dinner treat!

Listen to Mariachi Music

This year the celebration lands on a Thursday. Do you have to work? Chores? School? Pump up the mariachi music and dance! Show your kids the traditional mariachi dress code and learn about Mexican music while filling your house with the sounds of beautiful guitarrons and trumpets! 

Work Together on a Craft

One of my favorite things to do with my kids are crafts. There are crafts for every holiday and Cinco de Mayo is no exception. A simple and fun project I do every year is make sombreros! First, print out a sombrero coloring sheet. Then, have your little one color it in. Lastly, cut out the template and glue it onto a long strand of paper or sentence strip. 

Find Local Places to Explore

The great thing about living in Miami is the huge array of places there are to explore. Cinco de Mayo may be considered a party night, but some quick research will help you find family-friendly restaurants and activities. Keep an eye out for local events full of music, food, and entertainment.