Grandparents Day: Long-Distance Celebration Ideas

Grandparents Day: Long-Distance Celebration Ideas Gabriela Morales Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Grandmom and her grandkids

Grandparents Day recognizes and celebrates the importance of the elderly and their unique contributions to family and community. The founder of this special celebration in the United States was Marian McQuade

In each country, Grandparents Day is celebrated in different months. But no matter what day of the year you decide to celebrate it, there is one thing we have to keep in mind: it is to make them feel like the treasure they are.

We have lived thousands of miles away from my kids’ grandparents since they were babies.

We have kept the intimate bonds flourishing between them through simple phone conversations and video calls, letters, and traditions. Our time together has been limited to holidays or summer visits, but even as long-distance grandparents, my parents have played an important part in the lives of my kids. 

A lot of grandparents have been isolated from their grandchildren this year due to COVID19–even if they live only a couple of miles apart. This is why there is no better time than now to pass down their wisdom, laughter, and a few family secrets from a safe distance.

Here are some beautiful ideas to make your kids’ grandparents feel special even during this time:

Grandparents Day: Long-Distance Celebration Ideas Gabriela Morales Contributor Miami Mom Collective

Send video messages. 

This is a great way to catch each other up on your days. FaceTime is great for this and often more appreciated than an email or letter. 

Make a lovely video in the backyard with your kids holding flowers or prepare a short choreography for them.

Deliver joy through the mail. 

There is something special about receiving a package from a loved one in the mail. Help your kids to make a beautiful card or a drawing for them! You can also order some fruit it flower arrangements online to be delivered directly to them.

Here are a few sites you can order from:

Edible Arrangements
Harry and David
The Fruit Company

The joy and gratitude they will feel when they think about the care that went into the entire process are immeasurable.

Do a shared activity.

A fun idea, to shorten the distance, is to have them do the same activity on their own and then talk about it together. 

You can plan a long-distance movie night where you and your kids and their grandparents watch the same family-friendly film separately, then talk about it together via phone the next day. It is a great idea to order some popcorn or treats to be delivered to them that day.

Take a walk together in an open space. 

Getting out to a park or going to the beach is a great way to spend quality time with each other. Being outdoors allows you to keep social distancing while enjoying each other’s company.

Remember to always wear your face mask!

Schedule window visits. 

If close contact is not possible because of the risk to your loved one, you can plan some face-to-face time through their window! Bring some washable window paint and draw some hearts or a special note. 

No matter what you decide to do make sure you light up a grandparent’s face. They need it now more than ever!