Halloween 2020: Creative Ways to Have Fun & Keep the Spirit Alive

Halloween 2020: Creative Ways to Have Fun & Keep the Spirit Alive Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Mom Collective
2020: The Year of Halloween at Home

This is Halloween 2020 and quarantining from Covid is still happening. You may think it’s not fun, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Never fear mamas… Your alternative for trick-or-treating is here! I am ready to share some creative ways to make 2020’s Halloween fun, so dig in as we explore how to keep the Halloween spirit alive… at home!


Inside, outside, and anywhere in between… get your decorations out of storage and make it a fun afternoon with the kids. Let them help! Sure, it won’t be picture perfect when your little decorates, but they will be so proud of their work!

Have a treehouse? Turn it into your very own haunted house!

Big windows? Buy some window clings and let your littles go to town decorating!

Don’t want to buy a bunch of decorations? Create your own decorations!

Get Crafty

Halloween 2020: Creative Ways to Have Fun & Keep the Spirit Alive Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Pumpkin Decorating with Foam Stickers

Cotton Ghosts


-Cotton Balls 
-Contact Paper 
-Black Permanent Marker 


  1. Draw a ghost with your black marker on the non-sticky side of the contact paper.
  2. Hang your contact paper up with your tape. Be sure the sticky side is facing out.
  3. Have your little fill the sticky ghost with cotton balls.
  4. Viola! Instant ghost!

Easy Pumpkin Decorating (Great for toddlers!!)


-Foam Halloween stickers 


  1. Peel your stickers
  2. Add them to your pumpkin(s)
  3. Enjoy your expertly decorated pumpkin

Halloween Pine Cones


-Pine cones
-Pipe cleaners
-Googly eyes


  1. Decide on a Halloween character you want to create (ghost, witch, pumpkin, Frankenstein, etc)
  2. Paint
  3. Decorate
  4. Display!

Coffee Filter Bats


-Coffee Filters
-Black Paint
-Magic Markers
-Spray Bottle with water


  1. Have your little one color a coffee filter with markers.
  2. Spray with water & then let dry.
  3. Paint clothespin black & let dry.
  4. Fold filter in half and add painted clothespin to the center.
  5. Add eyes and a mouth.
  6. Cut wings to be more “bat-like”
  7. Go Batty!!

Halloween Activities

Halloween 2020: Creative Ways to Have Fun & Keep the Spirit Alive Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Spooky Excavation

Spooky Excavation


-Orange Jell-O
-Body part candy
-Other Halloween accessories
-Mixing Bowl

  1. Take body part candies out of wrappers and place on the bottom of your dish with spiders.
  2. Make the Jell-O.
  3. Pour the Jell-O over the candies.
  4. Put the dish in the fridge to set.
  5. Once the Jell-O is solid, grab those tongs and excavate your candy/spiders/etc!

Halloween Sensory Bin


-Dried black beans
-Tiny pumpkins
-Pom poms
-Mini containers (witches cauldron, pumpkins, etc)

  1. Mix all the supplies into a big container/bin.
  2. Let your little one dig in and explore!!

Become a Spooky Chef

Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Spooky Pizza Bagel and Worms & Eyeballs

Whip up some fun foods with your kids’ help!

Worms & Eyeballs (AKA- Spaghetti & and Meatballs)


-Red Sauce
-Meat (turkey/red meat/alternative)
-Mozzarella cheese
-Raisins or olives

(Nervous Mom Warning: Please use caution while cooking! Allow your children to help with steps depending on their age/ability)
  1. Make your meatballs.
  2. Make spaghetti.
  3. Heat red sauce and add meatballs.
  4. While everything is cooking, cut out circles from your mozzarella cheese (your little will love steps 4-7).
  5. Using toothpicks, prep your “eyeballs” by adding your raisins or olives.
  6. Mix all together.
  7. Have your littles add the “eyeballs” to the meatballs.
  8. Voila! Spooky dinner is served!!

Spooky Pizza Bagels


-Mini Bagels
-Red Sauce
-Mozzarella Cheese
-Black Olives

  1. Slice bagels in half.
  2. Spoon red sauce over bagels.
  3. Cut out mozzarella cheese into slices (or buy the pre-sliced which is easier).
  4. Cut out ghost shapes and add to the bagels.
  5. Chop olives and use them for the ghost faces.
  6. Cook for 10-15 minutes in the oven/toaster at 375.
  7. Boo! Enjoy!!

Halloween Doughnuts

We got a pre-made box of goodies from our favorite local shop, but you can grab supplies from the store.

-Doughnuts from your favorite doughnut shop (DM me for my favs!)
-Icing (multiple colors- think: purple, black, green, orange)
-Candy eyeballs
-Candy corn
-Any other candy you think you will enjoy!

  1. Grab a doughnut.
  2. Decorate!!
Stacey Geiger Contributor Miami Mom Collective
Halloween Doughnut Creations

Make it extra fun! Post your creations on IG and tag @miamimomcollective… we can’t wait to see your spooky creations!!

Looking for some fun ideas outside your home? Check out our Fall Guide by our very own Becky Salgado! 

Wishing everyone a safe Halloween! Have a spook-tacular time!! 



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