Fall Fun in Miami: Experience the Season & Make Memories


Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I think we are a little more excited for fall since we have had 7 months of quarantine. It looks like everyone is decorating their front porches and putting up all their decor. I get it… that’s what I’m doing too. So what are some fun things to do in Miami with your kids for fall that don’t cost a lot of extra money but can make some memories?

Redo Your Front Porch

One of the things you can do is have the kids go out and search for pumpkins and decorate your front porch.

1. Start by sweeping your front porch
2. Put in a new rug 
3. Get some pumpkins to decorate
4. Add some wreaths

This is an activity that you can get everyone in your house involved in! We did it at my house and not only were we able to spend time with kids but we were creating new memories.

Make Pumpkin Bread

Another activity that you can do with your kids is to make some pumpkin bread! The time has finally come where we can have our house smelling like pumpkin bread all day every day. Here is one of my favorite pumpkin bread recipes I like to make with the kids.

Halloween Costumes

Now that we are in October, this is a perfect idea to do together with the family… go shopping for your Halloween costumes. You could even be creative and spend more time together as a family by creating your own costumes.

Here are a few more fall fun ideas that you can try with your kids or as a family:

Carve/paint a pumpkin
Make s’mores 
Watch football 
Host a bonfire
Make apple pie 
Go apple picking 

Fall Fun in Miami: Experience the Season & Make Memories Dacia Wiegandt Contributor Miami Mom Collective

I hope you all liked these ideas so you can try them this fall with your family. I’m excited to start creating more memories with my kids this fall and I hope you are too with your kiddos! 


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