Star Wars Day: 4 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate May the 4th


May the fourth be with you on Star Wars Day!

4 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate May the 4th- Star Wars Day Ana-Sofia DuLaney Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Parker’s first May the Fourth

If you’re new to the Star Wars phrase or celebration, it’s a play on the Jedi phrase, “May the force be with you,” and has become a cult favorite for people of all ages. Star Wars has an incredible following, and if you or your kids enjoy the films, this is the day to go all out.

This year, because we can’t go enjoy Star Wars at a Disney park, let’s enjoy it at home with the whole family. But, here are some quick, fun ways to bring this celebration a lot closer than a galaxy far, far away.

Dress up in your favorite Star Wars gear!

First, pull out the Star Wars costumes, Star Wars shirts, big Yoda ears (or make your own). Moms, you too, try your hand at Princess Leia’s infamous buns or Rey’s triple buns, or test out a new hairdo on your littles! Have a furry pet? Try and make them look like Chewbacca or an E-Wok. However, if you don’t have any Star Wars gear, always remember… the Jedis wore robes. Here is the perfect excuse to wear a robe all day.

Dressing up is a fun way to get into the spirit and prepare yourself for an exciting day ahead.

4 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate May the 4th- Star Wars Day Ana-Sofia DuLaney Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Parker has been celebrating May the Fourth since he was a little over 6 months old.

Get crafting!

Do you have some old pool noodles that aren’t getting much use or ones you want to repurpose? For a quick craft, make your own lightsabers. Cut a pool noodle in half or to the length you prefer for your child. Wrap one end with silver duct tape to make the handle. Then, design some buttons and accessories using some black electrical tape or washi tape!

4 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate May the 4th- Star Wars Day Ana-Sofia DuLaney Contributor Miami Moms Blog
One pool noodle cut in half, duct tape, electrical tape, and scissors for the tape gets you your own lightsaber!

You can also try smaller versions of this. Use an old paper towel roll or cut a gift wrap roll in half and paint them. Get creative just like a Jedi would. Afterward, play with your new Star Wars toys and have a Jedi training session.

Another even simpler option…

This craft only requires two things, a paper plate and some paint. Now, you or your kids can quickly paint a Death Star with some black and grey paint, if you’re part of the Empire, of course. Or, if you’re in the Rebel Alliance, get some orange paint and paint a BB-8 droid! This will definitely be the droid your kids are looking for. *Jedi hand wave*

Whip up a 5 minute healthy Star Wars snack!

Here’s a Pinterest fail-proof way to bring Star Wars to life and get a healthy snack in for you and your kids. Make fruit TIE fighters.

A healthy treat Ana-Sofia DuLaney Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Apple steps and the final product!

All you need are the following ingredients:

1 banana

2 apples

2 tablespoons nut butter, peanut, almond, or maybe even cookie butter?

This should yield about 4 servings.

  1. Slice the banana into rounds.
  2. Then, slice the whole unpeeled apples into rounds and then into hexagons.
  3. Put a SMALL dollop of the nut butter in the middle of each apple slice and join them together using the banana slice. The apples are the wings and the banana slice in the middle is the cockpit. I learned to put less peanut butter on ours so it’s a little less messy.
  4. Stand them up!

That’s it!

Have a Star Wars movie marathon!

Rise of Skywalker is the most recent film in the Star Wars saga, and it’s being released on Disney+ on May the Fourth. So, you can catch up on all the Skywalker trilogy and watch Episodes I-VIII, all currently streaming on Disney+.  Finally, curl up, get your fruit TIE fighters to snack on, and enjoy being transported to a galaxy far, far away.

Now, in the wise words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try!” Let me know your favorite Star Wars character, and what you’ll be doing to celebrate this fun day!


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  1. I’ll be watching Rise of Skywalker! I was out of town when my family went to the premiere, so now is my time to catch up!!! No spoilers, please!

  2. MAY THE 4th BE WITH U!!!! I LOOOVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS!!!! I miss DIsney and we love Star wars we will be doing so many of these this week… Thank u Ana-Sofia!!!

    • And also with you, Rachelle! Thank you! I’m so glad you love them!!! Tag me in any pics, can’t wait to see!

    • Thank you! Not going to lie, I had some and they were delish! It can also be done with hexagonal crackers and cheese cubes!

  3. You sure made this day look so fun, Ana-Sofia! Loving all the shirts and those snacks look like they could be an all year hit!

    May the Fourth be with you!

    • Thank you so much!! You can definitely pull out the crafts or snacks for any day or a Star Wars movie night! ?

  4. Super fun article, Ana-Sofia, full of very creative ideas to enjoy with the kiddos.
    The picture of the baby with the Yoda ears it’s too cute!!!

    May the Fourth be with you!

    • Thank you! We do love the Child! Hope these ideas are used year round! And also with you 🙂

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