4 Fun Things To Do With Your Teen in Miami


Image: A teenager at an arcade, with words that read "Fun things to do with your teen in Miami"

A teen can be so fun! They come with sass and the desire to be independent but still have that child-mind mentality. Even if they don’t want to admit it. I came into my stepdaughter’s life when it was still “cool” to dress her how I wanted and going to places like Chuck E. Cheese was considered the best day ever. Once she turned 13, everything changed. If you’re in this season of motherhood, I know you know

My stepdaughter and son have a 9-year age difference. Finding things that they can both enjoy can be difficult. And if you are familiar with co-parenting, I know you are aware that making the most of your time together is critical. Although we love doing things together as a family of 4, we also love individual time with each one of our kids. Or sometimes, the little one has to just tag along for the ride. We have a teenager and teenagers have a very specific list of what is concerned fun and cool. I have compiled a (simple) list that our teenager has approved. 

Image: A mother and daughter at a local ice cream shop


This one is easy, simple, and fairly cheap. Our teenager is obsessed with ice cream. With so many ice creameries around Miami, she has made it a personal mission to test them all out. So far, Sweet Melody in West Kendall (they also have a new location in Coral Gables) has the number 1 spot for her. Doing a simple Instagram search can help you find cool and fun ice cream spots near you. 

Image: A teen with a mocktail


We recently went away and I was really in the mood for a Pina Colada. We were by the pool and it was hot–Bella turned to me and said you think I can have one too? I looked at her and said actually YOU CAN! They have virgin Pina Coladas! She didn’t admit it to me at the time–but on our way back mentioned how fancy she felt. We live in Miami! There are virgin pina coladas almost everywhere. This was a super simple and fun way to make a teenager feel “fancy”. Plus–they’re yummy!

Image: A dad and his kids having fun at an arcade


I don’t know when or how arcades become so unpopular? Maybe it was the pandemic? Maybe because some of us have little ones and just associate arcades with places for younger kids where we go for games, pizza, and a big mouse who sings? Not sure but we learned that our teen is still a mega fan of racing and playing against her parents and even her younger brother. We discovered that this arcade is still open at Sunset Place in South Miami. Their food is good and they offer great happy hour deals (for the parents)! If you haven’t challenged your teen to a good digital version of Nerf, GET TO IT! 

Image: A brother and sister sit together at a restaurant


I don’t know about you, but this Type-A momma is usually strategic about everything. Down to the restaurant we choose for that night. One day (much to both of our surprise), I just didn’t feel like choosing. “Bella, you can pick.” As shocked as she looked is as shocked as I felt. Not only did she choose a spot that I forgot existed, it was in a part of town that we don’t often venture to and it was nice to escape the perimeters of Kendall for a bit. Her younger brother also approved as he ate his entire meal. Let them shock you. Let you shock them. It doesn’t always have to be big or fancy. This was a regular chain restaurant that I used to love going to and just forgot was still around.

Image: Krystal with her stepdaughter

I think we tend to be so intimidated by what to do with our teenagers because we lost a sense of control once they earned the extra digit in their age. We’re no longer allowed to shop without their approval. We can’t lay out what they’re going to wear anymore. The bows and matching outfits are no longer considered “cool” and following their trends is really hard for us to keep up with. But sometimes we forget that they still want to be heard and seen by us. They may not want to order from the kids’ meal anymore, but they still want to share a meal with you. They may not hold your hand anymore, but they still want to be within arm’s length. 

I challenge you, Momma, to try just ONE of these activities with your teen. Surprise them, challenge them to a TikTok or reel. Make funny faces in selfies with them. It may be just what THEY didn’t know they still NEEDED from you. And vice versa.