Beach Games: 10 Unique DIY Activities for Kids to Enjoy

Living where everyone vacations grants us the luxury of having the beach at our doorstep. And what better time to enjoy the beach than when we have the kids home for summer?
When it comes to summer fun, there’s nothing quite like a day at the beach. The sand between your toes, the soothing sound of crashing waves, and the endless opportunities for play and laughter. If you’re planning a beach trip with your little ones, it’s essential to come prepared with some exciting games to keep them entertained.
Image: A little girl playing in the sand at the beach
Photo from Pexels by Kindel Media

In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 beach games that are perfect for kids of all ages, ensuring they have a memorable and enjoyable time by the shore.

  1. Sand Bowling: Transform the beach into a bowling alley with sand bowling. All you need is some empty plastic bottles and a small ball. Line up the bottles in a triangle shape, and take turns rolling the ball to knock them down. Just remember to take those bottles over to the recycling bin when you’re done.
  2. Watercolor Seashell Painting: Throw some watercolors and a paintbrush in your beach bag and next time you go shelling turn it into a craft session at the beach.
  3. Sandy Tic-Tac-Toe: Draw a large tic-tac-toe board in the sand and use seashells or smooth rocks as game pieces. Let your kids challenge each other to strategic matches and see who becomes the tic-tac-toe champion. Image: A family at the beach
  4. Beach Obstacle Course: Create a fun and challenging obstacle course using beach towels, and other beach toys. Lay out the towels to mark the course, set up some buckets for them to jump over, and scatter beach balls for them to dribble between. Time each child and see who completes the course in the fastest time.
  5. Beach Frisbee Golf: Turn a sandy beach into a frisbee golf course. Use towels or draw circles in the sand as targets. Assign each target a point value based on the difficulty. Kids can take turns throwing frisbees toward the targets, aiming for the highest score.
  6. Tug of War: Divide into two teams and play a classic game of tug of war using a rope or a towel.
    Image: A little boy skim boarding
    Photo from Pexels by Kindel Media

    Photo from Pexels by Kindel Media

  • Sand Treasure Hunt: Designate an area for a sand treasure hunt. Bury small toys, shells, or other trinkets in the sand and draw a map or provide clues to guide the kids. Let them dig and search for hidden treasures, adding an exciting element of discovery to their beach day.
  • Limbo by the Shore: Create a limbo stick using a pool noodle or a long rope and challenge the kids to a limbo competition. 
  • Beach Relay Races: Divide the kids into teams and set up relay races on the sand. Use beach buckets as batons and have kids run to a designated point, drop the bucket, and return to their team. Add variations like hopping, skipping, or crab walking to make it more fun.
  • Sand Sculpture Contest: Encourage your little artists to showcase their creativity with a sand sculpture contest. Provide each child with a bucket, shovel, and a limited time to create their masterpiece. You can have different categories, such as animals, castles, or imaginary creatures, and award prizes for the most impressive creations.                  
Image: Kids having fun in the sand
Photo from Pexels by Kindel Media

With these beach games, your kids will have a blast while making unforgettable memories at the beach. From sand bowling and seashell tic-tac-toe to beach frisbee golf, there’s something for every child to enjoy. So, gather the materials, head to the beach, and let the fun begin!

Check out these beach day hacks and snacks the next time you head to the shore! What is your family’s favorite local beach destination?