Miami Moms Blog Welcomes: MIA Mom Ashley Rodrigues


Hi there! My name is Ashley. I am a mom to a strong-willed, ballet obsessed 3-year-old girl and wife to a passionate Brazilian who, you guessed it, loves and coaches soccer. We are so excited to be here in Miami and I am excited to share a piece of our crazy life with you here on Miami Moms Blog.

Miami Moms Blog Welcomes MIA Mom Ashley Rodrigues Contributor


We moved to Miami less than a year ago from Kansas City. I have spent almost all of my life landlocked. I have childhood memories of really long road trips just so we could see that beautiful ocean. Needless to say, being in a coastal city is a dream to me. I understand that going to the beach for locals may not be super exciting. But I am loving every salty breeze that comes my way.

My husband coaches soccer. His career has given us opportunities to live all over the country in our short 7 years together. My daughter was born so close to Canada, that I will forever claim her as my Canadian baby. Imagine our excitement when we got the opportunity to move to Miami.  Besides my obsession with being near a beach, I have quickly fallen in love with the culture, diversity, and food. I ran my first half marathon this year at the Miami Marathon.  Running through the art deco buildings, hearing the music, and families cheering sealed my love for Miami forever. Being welcomed as part of the team at Miami Moms Blog is such a blessing.


I became a mama on a cool spring day in May. It was a planned home birth and the experience changed me. My doula affectionately calls it the “unicorn” birth because it really was a perfect birth. My daughter is smart as a whip and talks like a 13-year-old trapped in a 2-year-old’s body. Her strong spirit tests my sanity every day. But I secretly love her strong will and know it will serve her well as she gets older. We read books about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and she always wants to be the “line leader” as we leave the house.

Since the birth of our daughter, my journey with motherhood has been less “unicorn” like.

We have struggled with pregnancy loss, but are still hopeful for a growing family. My experience with loss has sparked a passion as a therapist to care for moms dealing with infertility, loss and postpartum mental health issues. It’s exciting and scary to open a business here in a new city, but my passion for helping other moms makes it all worth it. I hope to be the support for Miami moms with Miami Moms Blog that I never had.

Miami Moms Blog Welcomes MIA Mom Ashley Rodrigues ContributorBlog

I am so excited to join the team at Miami Moms Blog. My hope is that moms who are dealing with pregnancy loss, infertility, and mental health struggles can find inspiration and honesty in my stories. I am also selfishly looking forward to simply being part of a community and making some mom friends. And perhaps find someone to go to the beach with. Thanks for welcoming me!


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