Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Alexandra Golovac


Hi! My name is Alexandra (aka Alex) Golovac. I am a certified nutritionist and culinary arts-trained chef. It is so nice to meet you and be a part of the Miami Mom Collective contributor team.

Image: Alexandra and her family
photo by: Jenise Subervi


I always wanted to live in Miami. This was a dream of mine as a little girl. I was born here in Miami but grew up in a small town in Central Florida. Miami was a second home for me growing up. All of my extended Latin family lived (and most continue to live) here. It was the big city I told my friends I was going to on the weekends. As I was applying for college, the University of Miami was my dream school. It was in the city I wanted to live in. I was so happy and proud that I was able to accomplish that goal and graduate from UM (GO CANES)! By the way, I am a true 100% Miami Hurricanes fan! 

Miami holds a very special place in my heart–it’s the city of my dreams, my family is here, it is where I met my husband David, and where we are raising our 15-month-old daughter Genevieve. Miami is our home! Not every city feels like home, but when you find your city and it just has that feeling of comfort, it is your city. There are many reasons as to why I love Miami: the sunshine, beach, all the different sections/towns we have, the multicultural population, all the activities/events, good weather (for some part of the year), the local and new restaurants, and most importantly the people of this city. Miami is an ever-growing, diverse, and unique city. I feel really lucky to call this my home. 

This is where I started and have built my career and company: a nutrition coaching program, as well as the after-school elementary and junior high program CHEF (Cook. Healthy. Exciting. Food.). 

Image: A toddler sitting in the grass


The only job and role in life I ever wanted was to be a MOM. This dream came true in November 2022 when we had our first child, Genevieve. Being a mom forever changes you. Having an incredible mom as a role model and such strong women in my life, I knew I could and wanted to take on this role. For me being a mom is the biggest and most profound life change. You grow beyond your wildest dreams as an individual and as a woman. I always wanted one of my children to be a girl. Personally, I am a girly girl, and the thought of having a girl, dressing her up, adding bows and ribbons to her hair, but most importantly having the relationship I have with my mom is what I want with my daughter. A mother-daughter relationship is unlike anything else. This is what I hope to create with my daughter. 

I am a business-owning mom, which is a balancing act. As a business owner and mom, I hope that this instills a hard work ethic in my daughter. As well as be a role model to her that you can have a career and be a mother. 


Being a part of a community of moms means so much to me. It means a group of women who have been through ups and downs (and there are downs) as a mom and as a woman. I have been following Miami Mom Collective for some time now because one day, whenever that time came that I became a mom I wanted to be a part of this community. Motherhood can feel lonely, but to know you have women who are in the same stage in life as you, who are going through the same pains, the same ups, and the same moments (lots of diapers, days without good quality sleep, moments where you just want to cry, and joys of milestones that may be so small yet so big for you and your child). It is incredible that we have each other, whether it be virtually, meeting at events or becoming playdate buddies. 

As a contributor for Miami Mom Collective with my professional background my goal is to help provide you with easy and applicable nutrition tips, recipes, information, and connect with you. I am very thankful for this opportunity and this women’s collective.


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