Miami Mom Collective Welcomes MIA Mom Ilana Lipson Cohen


Image: Ilana and her family

Hi! My name is Ilana Lipson Cohen. I am thrilled, over the moon, and, simply put, so happy to be here. The opportunity to contribute to Miami Mom Collective is an honor, and I am writing with and from a place of gratitude.


Miami is my hometown–although I left for a few years to fulfill my dream of running away to NYC to begin my career. Uniquely, I am a second-generation Miamian. I live in North Dade with my husband and children. I grew up in Kendall back in the 80s, also lived in Broward, and have family in Boca Raton, so I know, appreciate and celebrate South Florida’s diversity. My husband is from Philadelphia and, even though our children are desperate to experience snow, he does not miss the cold.

Miami life has evolved so beautifully over the years! This city has grown up and come alive as the place to be for so many reasons. While our version of winter is high on that list, Miami’s treasure is more than our tropics. It’s our cross-section of cultures that invites and encourages us to be boldly proud of family heritage and equally inspired to be part of our shared, collective future.


Image: Ilana and her children walking on the beach

We love raising our children (an 11-year-old Swiftie dermatologist, a 9-year-old guitarist marine biologist, and a 3-year-old COVID furbaby) in Miami alongside cousins, grandparents, and my husband’s nearly 104-year-old grandmother. Palm Beach County readers saw Grammy waving on the evening news intro for quite some time after we brought out the news crews to celebrate her 100th birthday in the heart of 2020’s lockdown. And, yes, our kids thoroughly enjoyed their TV debuts.

When we got married, I was the textbook newlywed who didn’t know how to boil water. Yet, as a mom, I have come to love cooking and developing new recipes for my family. I also enjoy yoga, reading (ok, lately it’s listening to) a great book, tuning into my new favorite podcast, writing children’s books, and traveling. As a family, we like playing board games, sharing favorite TV shows, humoring Mommy with calendar and planner meetings, volunteering, and trekking throughout all three counties to spend time with extended family. One of my most cherished joys of being a parent is delighting in our children carrying on the traditions of our culture. 

Image: Ilana and her husband

I am fortunate to also love my professional work. I specialize in communication with a focus on strategic growth and advancement for purpose-driven companies and organizations: elevating brands, creating new sources of revenue, fostering engagement and building teams to achieve sustainable momentum. 


With much enthusiasm, I am eager to contribute to Miami Mom Collective. The commitment to empowering women with relevant resources and meaningful community is an investment in South Florida. It’s through platforms and circles like this one that women find strength, education, and connections to grow our families, our careers, and ourselves. Miami Mom Collective speaks to me as a longtime South Florida resident, as a mom and wife, and as an engaged member of the community. It is said that ​​we all have the responsibility to contribute to society in any way we can. With this in mind, I am eager to learn from what has already been built by the Collective and contribute to what’s to come!



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