Mindful Planning: Using It to Maximize Your Week


We tend to have all kinds of lists–grocery lists, to-do lists, wish lists. We plan diligently for work and our own schedules, but how often do we include self-care breaks or visions for our families, our children, and even our partners? With a few extra minutes a week, we can make a shift toward more mindful planning. 

Mindful Planning: Using It to Maximize Your Week Kristine McGlinchey-Yap Contributor Miami Mom Collective

The key to balance is to visualize the energy we wish to feel and create in our lives. Now, more than ever, we are being presented with the opportunity to create a new routine for ourselves. 

We are going through major internal and external transitions. While we’re at it why not change the way we plan?

At the start of each week, take a moment to reflect on your goals and aspirations for the week ahead. Here are a few journal prompts to spark some inspiration for you to engage in mindful planning:

  • What are you inviting in this week? Identify how you would like your days to unfold, as well as what areas you would like to focus on for your family. 
  • Where can you schedule in some self-care? Hold yourself accountable for making space and time for yourself. 
  • What does your family need more of/less of this week?
  • How can you establish solid boundaries and in what areas can you ask others for help?
  • How am I nourishing myself and my family this week? Meal planning, affirmations, activities, etc. 

Establishing a regular planning routine can ease the anxiety of having to figure things out last minute and create a strong sense of clarity. 

What are some ways that planning helps you? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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