Mom Stress: 3 Tips for Letting Go of the Small Stuff


Mom Stress Mom Stress: 3 Tips for Letting Go of the Small Stuff Miami Moms Blog Contributor Adita Lang

This mom thing sure is amazing, crazy, and sometimes totally out of control. I love being a mom! To think that what I leave inside of my kids will impact them much more than anything I can give them. We are pretty powerful, we are formulating their first view of life and the world. We are showing them either what to look for in a woman or how to be a woman, this is HUGE!

OK, but we can’t allow our brain to get so carried away with every single small, tiny, detail that we make ourselves and those around us nuts as well. There are so many more challenges in life, that insisting that your child brush their hair for the 15th time might be way more trouble than it’s really worth. I guarantee you that at some point in their life they will find value in brushing their hair.

As a mom, I found myself making myself totally nuts over these minor things that would end up evening out in the wash. We all have enough on our plate, so take a step back, my friend, and focus your mom stress on the things that will really make a difference.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up during a time when people smoked in the car with the windows up, seat belts were optional, and eating mud pies was, gross, but OK. I think I turned out good, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

Goodbye Mom Stress, Hello SuperPowers

So here you are, on your quest to be an amazing SuperPower mom. But don’t let that eat you alive. You have to let the small stuff go. Your kids will still flourish and grow to be amazing adults. You know what I say… you are growing an adult from scratch. Your little ones see everything, they are like supercomputers, taking it all in. If you are beyond stressed, they take note. But if you take good care of yourself, don’t sweat the small stuff, and leave their hair unbrushed they will learn important lessons that will last a lifetime.

If you feel like you are a mom who is just getting by, each and every day, I want you to add a few things in to make your day go smoother:

1. Deep Breath In… Take a deep breath and count to 4 while you inhale, then hold your breath and count to 4, exhale through a count of 4, hold your breath again through a count of 4, and repeat. Do this for a few rounds or a few minutes and it will reset your mind to look at things a bit differently.

2. Tea Time – As women, our time with our girls is sooo important. Meet up with a friend for coffee or tea, even if it’s just for a brief moment. This halt in your day can actually clear out so much stress and help you view things in a fresh new light.Mom Stress: 3 Tips for Letting Go of the Small Stuff Miami Moms Blog Contributor Adita Lang

3. Listen to something inspirational – The internet, smartphone, YouTube, or even a book can offer you some amazing encouragement that can kick-off your day in a very different frame of mind. As women, our brains are what set the tone for our day. The overthinking, deep observations and inspector-type sleuthing can cause anyone to tense up. When you can allow your brain to focus on something different, for five minutes or an hour–doesn’t really matter–you hit the reset button. And that can impact your day more than screaming across a room for your child to tie their shoes, think about it!

With Love and Light,