Organic Valley: Happy Cows, Better Milk, Healthy Kids


This post is brought to you by our partners Organic Valley. 

Our kids don’t like being cooped up. Neither do cows. That’s why we love Organic Valley! They are committed to giving their cows happy, healthy lives, and it shines through in their products.


Organic Valley cows average 50% more time on pasture than USDA Organic standards require. They have lots of acres to roam, resulting in cows that take more daily steps than most people! Because they believe cows should live how nature intended–outside grazing on fresh organic pasture.Cows grazing in a pasture

Organic Valley farmers raise their animals without hormones or antibiotics, and nothing they eat has ever been sprayed with harsh pesticides. This adds up to longer, more natural lives for their cows and pure, wholesome milk and other products you can feel good about serving to your family.

A cow looking directly into the camera


Organic Valley’s organic pasture-raised milk meets or exceeds USDA Organic standards for time on pasture and for the amount of their diet that comes from grass (fresh or dried). Organic Valley farmers ensure every one of their cows spends as much time as possible out in the fields, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and eating grass. 

A freshly poured glass of Organic Valley milk

A 2013 peer-reviewed study published in the scientific journal PLOS One concluded that pasture-raised milk has: 

  • 62% higher omega-3 than non-organic milk
  • 18% higher conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than non-organic milk


Our kids need calcium. It’s a mineral that builds strong bones and also plays a part in keeping the nerves, muscles, and heart healthy. According to, “Children who get enough calcium start their adult lives with the strongest bones possible. That protects them against bone loss later in life.” 

If you’re giving them milk, why not serve them the best milk possible?

Serving our kids Organic Valley means we’re leaving out the bad stuff to make room for more of the good. Research shows that organic foods are higher in antioxidants and other nutrients, like omega-3 and CLA essential fatty acids.

Looking for some fun and delicious ways to serve your kids milk? Organic Valley has some great recipes! Find them here or enjoy this breakfast or their delicious milk with cookies using this recipe. Not sure where to find Organic Valley milk and other products (they also have butter, sour cream, cream cheese, eggs, and more!)? Use their store locator.


Eggs, cheese, butter, and other product offerings

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  1. Our family loves Organic Valley! I really enjoyed learning about everything these farmers put into caring for the cows. Makes me love this brand even more!

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