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Let’s be honest, summertime in Miami is typically all year ‘round with the exception of perhaps 1 week in Winter when we get a “cold” front. Summer is by far the hottest and most humid time more than any other season in Miami. If you are pregnant in Miami during this outrageously hot season, summer can take quite a toll on you. The last thing you feel like doing is walking outside or even to your car.

This is my 3rd consecutive summer pregnancy in the last 3 years. My first pregnancy I was in my 3rd trimester, my second pregnancy I was in my 2nd trimester, and now on my third pregnancy I am currently at the end of my 1st trimester. Miami’s heat can sometimes make it feel unbearable.

Here are a few summer tips that helped me and will hopefully help you have a happier pregnancy in Miami.

  • Stay hydrated!  You must drink plenty of water. When I was pregnant with my firstborn son, I experienced mild contractions a few weeks before my due date. My doctor mentioned how important it is to stay hydrated in the heat especially while doing outdoor activities to avoid contractions.
  • Use sunblock.  It’s hard to stay away from the sun in Miami.  But remember, during pregnancy our skin is more sensitive and pregnancy causes it to have a reaction.  If you have dark spots due to pregnancy, the sun may make them darker. Use sunblock any time you leave the house to avoid skin marks and blemishes caused by the sun.
  • AC ready.  Everyone knows how extremely hot a car can be when parked in the Miami sun.  Before leaving the house, I turn on the car and leave it running for a few minutes before hopping in or if my husband is around, he steps outside and leaves the car running before we head out.  What a big difference this makes especially when you are pregnant!
  • Carry a small, portable fan in your bag.  Whenever you’re out in public, a portable fan will definitely come in handy.  You can find battery-operated ones at a dollar store or local Walmart or Target for a super low price. Or if you would rather something more lightweight, try a hand fan and fan yourself like the queen that you are! 
  • Eat watermelon.  It’s no surprise how hungry we can get when pregnant.  Maybe you won’t eat an entire plate of food, but chances are you will quickly get hungry after an hour or two.  Cravings can be overwhelming, that’s why you could never go wrong with watermelon. If you have a low risk, healthy pregnancy, watermelon is the perfect treat on a summer day!  It’s rich in nutrients, it helps you stay hydrated because it’s primarily water (hence the name!), and it curbs your sweet tooth.
  • Take a swimsuit “bumpie”.  Many women can be shy about showing off their bump. I was too! But oh how liberating it felt to finally wear a bathing suit without having to worry about sticking my belly in for once.  There is no such thing as an ugly bump so own your bump and rock it in a cute swimsuit photo. You will look back at it and cherish it one day.

Now enjoy your summer pregnancy to the max because before you know it, it will all be over and you’ll have your bundle of joy to love on everyday! 

Are you currently pregnant and surviving the summer in Miami? Tell us in the comments! 

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