Virtual Coffee Dates: COVID-19 Support From Miami Moms Blog


Who else misses having contact with adults from outside the walls of your home? With other moms? This COVID-19 pandemic has created a world where we are all more united than ever, and at the same time, we are more isolated than ever (literally). 

I was doing my daughter’s hair and watching my son speak with his teacher online when my anxiety started to creep in. 

What’s going on? What day is it? Is this our new normal? How am I going to do this? I had to take a huge deep breath and try to get it under control on my own because I have to keep going. 

Virtual Mom Coffee Dates: COVID-19 Support From Miami Moms Blog Rachelle Haime Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Image by Congerdesign from Pixabay

And while I usually would have called a friend and said, “Let’s meet up for a playdate so we can vent and the kids can play,” this new reality also dictates that I can’t.

We are all home trying to homeschool or entertain kids without having access to any playgrounds or playdates. We are all trying to hold in and cover up our stress and fear because we have to keep going, and we can’t freak out our children. Moms have a heavy load to carry, and it just got even heavier. We are all trying to adjust to this new normal more alone than ever. 

But are we really all alone? Nope! 

Our mom community is larger and more connected than ever before, thanks to the internet.

Calling, texting, and video conferencing with friends allow us to stay connected and support each other virtually. I have been able to share ideas, concerns, jokes, and support with other moms while social distancing.

Looking for a virtual moms’ night in? Coffee dates with friends? Or an early morning vent sesh? We got you mama!

Virtual Mom Coffee Dates: COVID-19 Support From Miami Moms Blog
Join us at MMB for Quarantine Cafecitos!

Miami Moms Blog is hosting Quarantine Cafecitos, where we share, laugh, cry, and remind each other that we have the strength and support to get through this! It’s the best way to spend mom’s night out…IN! 

I truly believe it takes a village… and now that village can be accessed virtually. We can self-isolate and still connect with our mama village, and that is amazing! 

We are not alone. Our community still exists, and we can still be connected even if we can’t see each other in person. These virtual moms’ night in zoom conferences are an incredible way to practice mom self-care when we are stuck in self-isolation.

Connecting with other moms is good for the soul.

In times like these, we would typically meet up with friends and their kids at the park, but we can’t. We would have girls’ nights out, but we can’t. We would go vent our frustrations with our friends over coffee, but we can’t. 

When we most need our village, we are forced to stay away. 

These Quarantine Cafecitos coffee dates have helped save me from my own anxious thoughts because I can speak to someone about them. I leaned on these mamas to ask for advice, ideas, or just cry and feel heard. When we logged off, I felt like I had just been hugged. Don’t you miss hugs? I miss hugs!

Virtual Mom Coffee Dates: COVID-19 Support From Miami Moms Blog Rachelle Haime Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Being online during all this, I have seen how the mom community has come together in the most incredible ways. We are all going through this, and with the support from our Miami Moms Blog community, we will never forget just how strong we truly are and that we don’t have to get through this alone! 

Subscribe to Miami Mom Blog and visit our Facebook page to see the dates and times for the next Quarantine Cafecitos. Sending everyone virtual hugs and hoping everyone stays safe!



  1. Yay! How appropriate that this would come out on one of my new favorite days of the week because of our cafecito dates! Thank you, Rachelle ❤️ Big virtual hugs to you, mama!

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