Why You Can Turn to Mom Bloggers for Advice


Motherhood is a wonderful journey. But we all know it’s not all sunshine and roses. This road can get stressful and lonely. Although we have family and friends to be by our side, sometimes we need to hear another voice. Someone who is going through the same struggles. Another mom who is talking about her ups and downs, openly, because one day she decided to put her life out there and blog about it.

So, why should you trust her? Why should you follow her advice or believe in what she says? After all she is a stranger, right? Well, like any person you have recently met, if you like her, you create opportunities to get to know her: her story, her family, her personality, her beliefs. After you have come to know these aspects of a person’s life, you find out if there are any common grounds and if this person adds value to your life. So, the first step is to give a mom blogger a chance! Because you might relate to her and find her content valuable and applicable to your life. Best-case scenario, you might be able to develop a beautiful friendship.

Mom bloggers are passionate about inspiring, helping and encouraging other moms by sharing their own real life experiences. Myself included! So here are the reasons why you can turn to us when you need a advice or comfort, a shoulder to vent or cry. When you want to celebrate your wins or when you simply need a friend.

Mom bloggers are moms, and we are going through the same challenges and celebrating similar wins.

You are not alone! From a potty training fail or victory, to a tantrum in public, a house full of sick kids, even stress or anxiety, we are walking the same path and are, like you, looking for solutions and ways to manage it all while being the best moms we can be to our children.

You also are a help to us, as we open it up for comments and suggestions. Sometimes you will find Moms that may have gone through the same situations in the past. Moms that have older children and know a lot more. They usually share practical solutions and words of encouragement you can apply in your life.


Mom bloggers can offer tips and tricks to improve and simplify your life. 

I absolutely love bloggers who share what has worked for them as moms! If you come across those who constantly share tips and tricks to improve your life in any way, don’t let them go! Encourage them to keep going! Especially the ones who focus on specific topics.

You will find moms raising their children while developing a career. There may be others who have decided to focus entirely on their kids. They all have something valuable to say about making the best out of their life choices. There are talented mamas sharing recipes to help out moms who don’t cook, or interior designers giving home styling tips. Some are teachers or doctors and as such, have the knowledge to guide us through specific moments in motherhood. Others are fitness coaches and will encourage you to workout. You will also find experts at keeping the house organized by reducing the amount of things you have at home, or moms with fantastic ideas to play with your kids, plan birthday parties, up your fashion game, and the list goes on.

Mom bloggers can offer product recommendations and brands you can trust.

There is nothing like a mom authentically sharing her experience on a product she tried or a place she went to. I personally don’t mind if it’s a sponsored story or an organic recommendation. When I chose to follow mom bloggers that I trust, I go with what they recommend and that’s much more valuable to me that an advertising piece telling me why their product is amazing.

Brands have understood that moms are a powerful consumer group, capable of influencing and changing opinions, ultimately driving product purchase. So when you see a sponsored post, cheer for that mama that has been able to attract a brand’s attention and give that product a try!

Online community can lead to authentic offline friendships!

In my short journey as a mom blogger I have had the pleasure to meet other mom bloggers. Seeing them in person, getting to know each other and exchanging experiences has been refreshing. Nothing like face-to-face time. That’s why we do events as part of Miami Moms Blog’s purpose.

By the way, our next one is on October 25th! Let’s meet and be friends! And thank you for giving us a chance. Thank you for being here!