World Backup Day: How to Save Your Family’s Legacy


What if I told you, “We’ve created more information in the last two years than in the entirety of recorded history.” 

That’s a lot of photos/videos, memories, and creativity at risk.  You may think your online backups are enough; what would you do if your iCloud or Google or Amazon storage were hacked? 

I previously owned and operated a global tech company; take it from me: data redundancy is critical.  You may wonder, “What is data redundancy?” Simply put, it means storing the same data in multiple places. 

“To Whom Much is GivenMuch Will Be Required.” 

While anyone in the family can serve as the historian, this responsibility often falls on mothers.  Our moms did what they could with what they had; they printed photos and stuck them in albums or perhaps made creative scrapbooks. Then, they took hours of videos with the newfangled camcorders and placed the VHS tapes onto our bookshelves. 

Compared to generations before us, it’s relatively easy for us to back up our data–but we must take the steps to do it! We literally have the ability to capture meaningful moments at our fingertips with our cell phones. Most smartphones can record video and photos at a much better quality than our parents could have ever imagined with their clunky devices. But the device that captured the data isn’t necessarily the device that should store the data.

The truth is, if we aren’t properly backing up our data, we are being irresponsible with our family’s legacy. 

World Backup Day: How to Save Your Family's Legacy Candice Carricarte Contributor Miami Moms Blog
Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

Tech Solutions for Non-Techy Mamas

Below are a few options to research for your unique needs. Each has pros/cons and is a personal decision. The most important thing is that we do something

  1. USB device
  2. External hard drive
  3. Time Machine (Mac only)
  4. Network Attached Storage
  5. Cloud Storage
  6. Printing

Let’s Make it a Date!

How about we all commit to doing this together? March 31 is World Backup Day and is the perfect opportunity! 

Click this button to add an annual reminder to your Google Calendar:
World Backup Day: How to Save Your Family's Legacy Candice Carricarte Contributor Miami Moms Blog

If you already have a system in place to back up your files, please share it in the comments below. Or if you have any questions then you can also post a comment and I’ll do my best to reply. 



  1. I have an external hard drive and multiple online storage. I actually need to look into them because I forgot which ones I have ??‍♀️…

    • Unfortunately, I’m the mom who can’t imagine adding even one more task to my plate. I’m the same mom that would be so angry at myself if I lost all my family photos. I need a personal assistant for these sort of tasks. But I’ll start with the calendar reminder for now since a personal assistant is unlikely.

  2. Love this ?. I always wonder about this. Will it all be available to our kids when they’re older? I rarely print pics and try to make photo albums but never find the time (well, the time has come with this quarantine. Oh no wait, I have to home school ?). We use Dropbox and iCloud. Not enough?

  3. This is such a great and timely reminder. Considering our being locked up at home this is a pretty doable task.

    I currently have everything on the apple iCloud as well as dropbox and a 8 terabyte hard drive. But I totally need to do an updated and make sure my pictures are all up to date on them.

    I also recently printed all of my family instagram pics using a website called chat books. They’re really great too! Planning on printing pics more often for sure and capturing more video. I completely stopped recording and editing videos this past year.

    Thanks for this Candice!

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