The Importance of Displaying Your Child’s Artwork


The Importance of Displaying Your Child's Artwork Miami Moms blogWhat do you do when your child brings home his colorful artwork or “Letter A” worksheet from school? 

When your child puts crayon to paper he is exercising many new skills. He is attempting to color inside the lines, draw shapes, write his name or explore what he can do with the freedom he has to create.

How YOU respond to the work he brings home can set the tone for his level of desire to try harder the next day. He learns if what he worked on so hard is worth it. His teachers comments about his work are nice, but his parents responses are the ultimate!

Show Me the Love! 

It is vital parents show their child how important their work is by acknowledging, discussing and appreciating it. The child hears that not only is their work important, but they are important.

If your child knows YOU are interested in the schoolwork and artwork that they do, they will work harder to please you. The opposite is also true. If you act like you do not care and it is not important to you, then they might lose interest in trying to work harder.

It’s A Framer!

The importance of displaying your child's artwork A great way to respond to their work and show them how much you appreciate it, is to display it at home. For the days following, it is a family conversation piece and you can reinforce what they are learning in school!  

At least once a week when my daughters brought their schoolwork home together we would pick something – a worksheet or piece of art – and put it in their special frame. I used the Lil-Davinci-Art-Cabinets. You open the front of the frame like a door and can add up to 50 papers. I bought the large (12×18) size so it would fit 8.5 x 11 and larger. If a piece was small I kept a larger colored paper in the frame to create a border at the top and bottom.

These frames on Amazon are super cute too!

Create Memory Books!

Anohter easy way to celebrate our child’s artwork is to create a photo book. At the end of each school year you can consolidate the loads of artwork by snapping a photo of each piece and including the photos in an organized book. It’s an easy way to organize all of your little Picasso’s masterpieces and children will be so proud to show the book to others. We recommend ChatBooks which makes it easy to build a photo book from your iPhone photo albums. Also, at only $8 a book, it’s a no-brainer! 

Precious Papers + Self-esteem = Priceless.