Galentine’s Day 2022: Celebrate Love All Month

Image: Alisa and her friends enjoying a girls'night out (Galentine's Day 2022: Celebrate Love All Month Alisa Britton Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
Girls’ Night Out

Galentine’s Day has become my new favorite annual tradition. Last year, my mom, sisters, and I planned a sleepover at my sister’s new house. We ordered pizza, played games, drank wine, and laughed ourselves to tears. The next day, the rest of the family joined us for brunch. It was so nice to spend that time with my lifetime best friends, especially now that we all live in our own homes with our own families. After the couple of years we’ve all had, we could all use some time to relieve stress and enjoy one another’s time for Galentine’s Day!

While Valentine’s Day may be a holiday that seems exclusive to romance, Galentine’s Day is here to show love to all of our girlfriends.

There’s something else that I love about this holiday, too. It is so inclusive! The older I get, the harder it can be to keep up with my girlfriends. There are no hard feelings because we all understand that it’s the stage of life that we are in. Galentine’s Day allows us each to show love for each other even when those stages in life are very different from one another. Single or married, those dedicated to their demanding careers, or those who are dedicated to young children at home, Galentine’s Day can include us all!

Image: Alisa and with one of her friends (Galentine's Day 2022: Celebrate Love All Month Alisa Britton Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
Good friends

Here are different and fun ways to celebrate

Whether you all decide to plan a Girls’ Night out, order in for a sleepover, or host a brunch, make plans this month to set aside time to enjoy each other.

Girl’s Night Out

Adult Slumber Party or Girls’ Night In

  • Order delivery/takeout from your favorite restaurants
  • Have everyone bring one bottle of wine for a tasting
  • Have games to play!
Image: A few MMC contributors enjoying a recent spa day event (Galentine's Day 2022: Celebrate Love All Month Long Alisa Britton Contributor Miami Mom Collective)
A few MMC contributors enjoying a recent spa day event

Host Brunch With These Fun Menu Ideas

  • Sangria: At my sister’s house we looked up a white sangria recipe, replaced peach Schnapps for Cointreau, orange juice for another fruit juice, and included brandy and white wine. It was delicious and I wish I could recreate it. Moral of the story, you can get creative or make what you have work for most sangria recipes so have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try something new.
  • Last year I made an assortment of egg cups and they were a hit! They’re easy finger foods so they work well for an open brunch style setup. You can get extra cute and buy heart-shaped molds.

Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards are a great addition to any table when hosting. They’re customizable and can range from very affordable to extra fancy based on your choices. Here are a few things to add to a charcuterie board: 

  • Cheese: Go for a variety of textures (soft, hard, semi-soft), colors (blue, yellow, white), and types of cheese (cow, sheep, goat).
  • Meat: Again, go for variety (hard salamis, cured slices of ham, sausages). I love to add pate’s or terrines to spread on bread as well.
  • Jellies/Fruit: Think acidity and sweetness. You may want to add a touch of perfection to each bite.
  • Crackers/Breads: This is the final step to our awesome adult lunchables

If you can’t get together with your best friends this month, take the time to catch up with a phone call or send a simple gift as a reminder that we are all loved this February of 2022.

Happy Galentine’s Day!

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