Black Friday Deals: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Them


Wondering how to make the most of Black Friday deals so you don’t get lost amongst the sales?! Hopefully, I can help with a few simple tips.

Make a shopping list.

The same way it’s not a good idea to go grocery shopping while hungry, it’s not a good idea to shop Black Friday without a plan!

Make lists of who you need to shop for this holiday season! Include any hints or ideas you have for their gifts. It will help you narrow down what you’re looking for if you don’t have something specific in mind. It will also ensure you’re not forgetting anyone or double buying gifts.

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Review Black Friday deals, ad scans, and flyers.

Most retailers will release their Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday ads earlier to prepare shoppers. Using websites like is a great way to compare pricing and benefits. Some retailers, like Target, will offer sale pricing plus bonus gift cards for purchasing certain items at their stores! 

Once you review the ads, get an idea, and match it up with your shopping list! This way you’re not going in blind, you find what you need, and move on stress-free.

Image: A shopping cart and black balloons that read "Sale Black Friday" (Black Friday Deals: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Them Ana-Sofia DuLaney Contributor Miami Mom Collective)Don’t be afraid to return.

Although most retailers will not let you price match Black Friday deal pricing, there is another option. Returns. Compare pricing with Cyber Monday, either via ad scans or on Cyber Monday. If you find an item cheaper on Cyber Monday, and it’s doable for you, buy the item again. Then return the previously purchased item by mail or in-store.

Create a budget.

Although the holidays are about more than just gifts, they can still get expensive pretty fast. Holiday shopping can get difficult to reign in. But creating a budget is a great way to try and limit some of your spending to avoid headaches later. Don’t forget to use cash back websites when shopping online, and other money-saving tools; read about them here!

Not a time to stress!

Image: An alarm clock and Scrabble letters that spell out "Black Friday, Hurry Up" (Black Friday Deals: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Them Ana-Sofia DuLaney Contributor Miami Mom Collective)Most importantly, enjoy your shopping. This is the season of giving, if you’re overwhelmed by shopping, take a step back and rethink everything. The Black Friday deals aren’t worth your mental health, they’re only here to save you some money! 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions but here’s a question for you… Where are you most excited to shop this Black Friday? 

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