Summer DIY Fun: Creative Ideas to Keep Your Family Entertained


Summer is right around the corner. The countdown to “What do we do now?” begins. Sure we can plan vacations but I am a frugal mama and I love to do free family activities! One of our best resources is public parks. There are so many parks in our city. Take a “field trip” and visit a park you have never been to. Thankfully, many parks have shaded areas which is great when avoiding the Florida sun.

Four kids enjoying a playground at a public park

Enjoy the Miami Beaches

If the park seems a little too hot for you, the beach is the way to go. We are privileged enough to live in a city with so many beaches. Whether you are a family that enjoys a social environment or a family that enjoys more privacy, there is a beach for you. “Daycations” can also be exciting. Take a trip to Key Largo and visit beaches there. I am not sure about your kids, but my kids feel like they are on vacation whenever we go somewhere we have never been (even if we stay in the same city). Although Miami beaches are great all year long, summer is definitely the best time to go for a swim. 

Two kids at the beach

Go for a Family Walk

Sometimes staying inside can make both parents and kids stir crazy. I can speak from personal experience and say that a walk can change everyone’s mood. Early morning and early evening walks are more enjoyable due to the summer heat. Play a game of “I Spy,” crank up the music on your cell phone, or meet new neighbors! Getting your body moving and blood flowing is a great summer DIY family fun activity. 

A mom out for a walk with 4 kids

Arts and Crafts

I am a former teacher and I have a sweet spot for crafting. Some of my favorite crafts are hands and feet art. I love the fact that you can forever keep a memory of how small they were at some point. Summer’s biggest holiday is July 4th! Fireworks, pool day, hot dogs, and all the fun! This simple craft can be made using a white canvas and red and blue paint. Paint your child’s hands and feet and make them look like American flag fireworks. 

July 4th themed artwork

Whether you decide to do arts and crafts indoors or take a trip to the nearest beach, summer is a time for fun and family. Share your favorite summer DIY activities below!

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