4 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of a Meal Delivery Service


As moms we have a lot to juggle. Outsourcing and delegating as many daunting tasks as possible is key to preserving our energy for the things that matter most to us. For many, the task of cooking, especially dinner, is at the top of the list of daunting tasks we’d rather not do. Utilizing a meal delivery service is popular and we can understand why!

Even if one truly enjoys cooking, it doesn’t mean they will have the time or energy to do it every day.

4 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of a Meal Delivery Service

Meal delivery services can be an amazing way to outsource part or all your cooking. To make sure it’s going to work for you here are some questions to keep in mind when setting up a meal delivery service.  

Questions to ask yourself when setting up a meal delivery service:

Who are the delivered meals for? 

Maybe you just need 5 meals a week so you don’t have to pack your own lunch.  Perhaps you are wanting dinners for the whole family.  Some people may really want an all-in approach where they get 3 meals a day plus snacks delivered to their door daily.

There are services that are great for supplying as many or as few individual meals per day. Other services can provide family style meals to feed the family.  Make sure to choose a service that will fit your needs.

Does it fit my dietary needs?

Food allergies, medical conditions and food preference can all play a factor as to whether a meal deliver service is going to suit your needs. Before signing up, ask the delivery company what type of substitutions they allow. If you end up with meals here and there that you can’t or don’t want to eat it will certainly be a waste.

How much variety do I need?

Some meal delivery services do an amazing job at providing a lot of variety from day to day and week to week. But even those services can get a little repetitive after a while.  One strategy is to rotate to a new company every month or two to keep things mixed up.  They will all have their own unique flavors and options.

Will I need to supplement my delivered meals?

Skimpy portion sizes is the biggest issue I have with most meal delivery services. At least the ones that are marketed as “healthy”, all seem to offer rather skimpy portions.  I’ve personally tried many and most of them have left me feeling unsatisfied if I order their “female” or “light” meals.  The upgrade to a larger portion size is usually worth it if it means not being desperate for a snack by 2pm.


If you want to get the most out of a meal delivery service, make sure that:

  1. They can deliver the right amount of meals you need.
  2. There is enough variety to suit your taste buds.
  3. They are able to accommodate all of your dietary needs.
  4. The meals are going to be adequate and tasty enough to leave you satisfied.

If you’re looking for local Meal Delivery Services, Miami Mom Collective has got you covered. Check out this organized Guide with Meal Delivery Services fit every lifestyle and budget!

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