Surviving Summer: A Mother’s Guide


Summer is here ladies! We have the thrill of no more school mixed with the anxiety of NO.MORE.SCHOOL! I am here to give you some tips on surviving summer. I work from home and will have my 2 kids (7 and 5) and 3 nephews (4, 2, and 4 months) at home…  this survival guide may just be for myself. 

Image: A mom out for a walk with kids

Tips and Tricks

1. Find Affordable Camps

Don’t know where to start? Check out our Summer Camp Guide. There are great options in our beautiful city that can help your child stay entertained and learn all summer long. 

2. Reach out to Other Mamas

You are not in this alone. Summer creeps up on us all. Reach out to your mom friends or make new mom friends! Planning playdates is a great way to have your child make new friends and to help you connect to other moms. Sharing experiences, ideas, and maybe even a glass of wine can make summer feel fun. 

3. Have a Plan

Planning may be hard because of work schedules, appointments, and the everyday “what is happening?” moments in motherhood but do your best to have an idea of where you want your day to go. Is this a stay-at-home and watch movies kind of day or are we venturing off to the zoo? Having a plan can help ease anxiety. 

4. Never let Them Smell Fear

I know you may be terrified, but never let your little ones know it. If they smell fear, they will slowly take over. (This may sound like a joke, but I am 100% serious here.)

5. Remember we Only get 18 Summers

I read this one time: “Mama, we only get 18 summers” and I thought, “If we are lucky.” As kids grow up, they want to go out with friends, make their own plans, and summer seems to slip through our fingers. I know this season with littles at home seems tough and crazy but when I think about future summers, I just want to hold on to these a little longer. I want the chaos, and the noise, and the “Mommy, what are we doing today?” a million times. 

Mamas, you were made for these moments. There may be days when you are overwhelmed and feel like you didn’t do enough. That is ok. You are enough. You do enough and you are going to ROCK this summer!