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Whether you’re a first time mom or a veteran mama, making baby registries can be a little daunting sometimes. Here are 4 tips I think will help you in your journey no matter which kind of mama you are!

1. Before making your registry, create a color scheme or theme!

Whether you have a full on theme or just stick to certain colors, it’s a great idea to try and hone in on some specifics or a mood board.  This way, you don’t end up with a myriad of conflicting colors if that’s not what you want.  If you have a theme, sometimes it’s easy to find prints and patterns that go with that theme. Add those to your baby registries so you can see how everything works together! This may seem simple but sometimes the excitement gets the best of us, and we forget!

2. Take advantage of the perks from baby registries!

Did you know most big name baby registries come with some really fun perks?

Most of them will give you a completion discount for items not purchased a month or two before your due date.  You can use that to stock up on the things that weren’t gifted to you or that you will benefit from using a percentage off on!

Websites and stores like Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart also give you freebies for making a registry with them! I took advantage of these during my first pregnancy and my current pregnancy.

Their goodie bags/boxes include coupons, wipe samples, diaper samples, mini body washes (great for travel), pacifiers, and various bottle samples too! Anything that can be useful or will save me some money, I’m all for. These samples are great for testing out what your baby will enjoy once he/she is born!

Baby Registries: Practical Tips for Mamas Ana-Sofia DuLaney
Just some of the goodies in these perk bags!

3. Take registry advice with a grain of salt!

I’m currently pregnant with my second and there are certain things that I feel we were missing the first time around. At the same time, there were some things we didn’t really need or use!

If you really want it, here’s my best advice…put it on there! I read everywhere not to put a wipe warmer on my registry the first time around. Every time my baby shuddered from the cold wipes or I held them in my hand to warm them up, I remembered how much I wish I had that. So if you really do want something put it on there!

On that same note, I do say, listen to advice from friends that have had babies recently. Just to make an informed decision. I personally regret getting a bottle sterilizer but I learned that the hard way! That’s a-ok. I preferred to use my dishwasher to sterilize bottles, nipples, and pacifiers. You can take advice and use it as your discretion because just like in life, baby items are not one size fits all!

Baby Registries: Practical Tips for Mamas Ana-Sofia DuLaney

4. Think ahead.

Don’t just focus on the infant days, think ahead to things you may need a little further along.  This means, maybe thinking further than 6 months ahead when your baby will be eating solid foods. Baby puree makers will come in handy if you plan on making organic baby foods, like storage containers for purees. The same goes for clothes in larger sizes.  Your baby will quickly be growing out of those little newborn clothes, too quick! So make sure to add some of those bigger sizes so you don’t suddenly run out of cute clothes or pjs. Pro-tip: Go for zippered PJs.  ALWAYS.

I hope these tips help you plan for your baby registries! May you enjoy every moment spent preparing, every exciting second, and every moment with your baby once they arrive home.  

What’s your must have baby registry item or tip? Drop a comment below!

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