“In Summer…” Welcoming the Season & Cherishing Time With Family


Please tell me you read that with Olaf’s voice???

Friday, June 21st marks the first official day of summer and to help us Miami moms kick it off I decided to honor this awaited day with an acrostic poem! 

In Summer... Welcoming the Season & Cherishing Time With Family Maria Arbiol Contributor Miami Moms Blog

Sippin’ on sangria while watching the sunsets 

Uh – oh he hit him again, here come the crying and the tattling

Maybe they’ll forget about it, boys look at the sunset

Magically they looked, where is that sangria

Everything is perfect if just for one moment

Relaxing and soaking it all in now that summer days are here

Ok so maybe poetry isn’t my thing, but summer definitely is! Having grown up in this city I know that the number one place we will visit is the beach. My spots have changed from South Beach to more north but the tan lines and toes in the sand are still the same. As a mom, my focus continues to change since my boys are 6 and 5. We went from dragging along our double stroller and rushing home by naptime to being out all day long.

This summer the #ldcboys have been thinking of things to add to our summer list of to-dos. Although a trip to Australia and buying a boat didn’t make the list, we are adding in fishing and summer camp this year. It’s hard to believe that soon we will be buying uniforms and prepping school supplies. Oh, and having to wear real shoes instead of sandals!

As we begin the season, may your days be long but your moments be treasured. Remember that we only have 18 summers with them!

Salud Moms!